According to Japanese authorities, famous American YouTuber Logan Paul is in hot water stemming from delinquent behavior he displayed while shooting some vlogs during his stay in their country. If the 22-year-old YouTube celebrity was to ever return to the country, he could face several charges and might even be jailed for his reckless and disrespectful behavior.

New year, same Logan Paul

Year 2018 got off to a roaring start when Logan Paul--brother of fellow YouTube celebrity Jake Paul--filmed a dead body in the infamous suicide forest during his visit to Japan.

The YouTuber's intentions were clear from the start of the video; he wanted to go to Aokigahara Forest--a place located near Mount Fuji that's infamous for the staggering number of suicides committed there--to find and film a dead body, though he claimed this was done to raise suicide awareness.

Ultimately, the decision proved to be a bad one as the vlogger found what he was looking for: a corpse hanging from the branch of a tree. Top it off with his disturbing reaction complete with laughter and excitement, and the internet had the perfect recipe for disaster to kick-start the new year.

Although this was considered a first for the YouTube celebrity, the reckless nature expressed in the video is all too common as evident of the channel he built and grew to almost sixteen million in subscriber count.

Like his brother Jake, Logan Paul constantly lands himself in trouble with his recklessness which he proudly displays on his YouTube channel.

He has even been arrested for his antics in another country, and yet doesn't show any sign of maturity given how successful those vlogged antics have made him.

How the world viewed it

The 15 minute-long video was posted on New Year's Eve and sparked international controversy, prompting many fellow YouTubers to post their reaction videos criticizing his poor decision making. Despite the controversy from this initial incident, it seemed Logan Paul was in the clear.

Firstly, the incident didn't seem to be enough to warrant a response from authorities.

And secondly, Logan Paul had already taken down the controversial video and issued his apologies in response to the backlash. However, the YouTuber was far from done with his delinquent behavior in Japan and quickly found himself in trouble again.

The worst was yet to come

Despite his previous attempt at reconciliation, Logan Paul continued his destructive escapades in Japan. Following the incident, the vlogger made more videos on the streets of Japan that were frowned upon by locals and international viewers alike. These included filming himself mocking Japanese culture, throwing a Pokemon ball plushie at innocent bystanders, breaking retail items in the busy streets and harassing pedestrians, workers, and shoppers with live seafood--even leaving those items on a car while it was in motion.

The police want him bad

According to the Japanese Police, they have reviewed the videos on his channel and have identified up to four crimes committed by the American, which include disruption of business, destruction of property, indecent exposure and several traffic violations.

“We haven’t seen such a dumb criminal since those idiots uploaded videos of themselves bullying a convenience store clerk and stealing cigarettes [in 2014],” claimed Japanese police officers.

The YouTube celebrity's actions are a direct violation of the law in Japan and he could be fined or even imprisoned for them if he were to return. The police even advise Logan Paul to contact his attorney and seek legal advise in the meantime