Logan Paul, 22, has 15 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, but many say the popular celebrity YouTuber went too far with a recent post. Paul and some of his friends are currently visiting Japan and on Sunday posted a video taken in the Aokigahara Forest, known in Japan as the “Suicide Forest,” located below Mount Fuji. The group had come across the body of a man, hanging from a tree, and while they blurred out the victim’s face, they were heard to be joking about the incident on YouTube.

YouTuber criticized for 'disgusting' footage in Japan

Many viewers accused Paul of being “disgusting” and “disrespectful" for the footage uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, which was viewed by millions prior to its removal. The group had reportedly discovered the dead body shortly after entering the forest, and video footage was taken of the man from several different angles. As reported by The Guardian, one man could be heard saying he didn’t feel too good, to which Paul had replied, laughingly, asking if he had never stood next to a dead man before.

Paul’s remarks drew outrage and criticism, including that of his namesake, Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” fame, who tweeted Logan, saying how disgusted he was and that he couldn’t believe many young people look up to him.

Aaron added that Logan was “pure trash” adding that suicide is no joke.

As reported by NBC News, Aaron posted an apology to Twitter, saying he had published the YouTube video in order to raise awareness to suicide and its prevention.

He said he didn’t post the video to get views, adding he thought he would make a “positive ripple” on the Internet.

However, another Twitter user, April, didn’t believe Paul was sorry for what he had done, adding that he knew exactly what he was doing and that they were disgusted by his actions.

Luke Cutforth headed to Twitter to say Paul’s instinct is to continue filming, editing and uploading videos portraying a suicide victim and that this reveals just how corrupt his celebrity status has made him.

Aokigahara Forest is well known worldwide for being a suicide spot after reportedly some 105 bodies had been found there in 2003.

However, since the local police have reportedly stopped reporting the number of suicides in the forest, in an attempt to break the association of the forest with the act of suicide. The hiking trails in the forest are marked with several signs, urging anyone thinking of killing themselves to think of their families and get help from a suicide prevention group.

The video footage can be viewed in the video below, with the dead body blurred. However, viewers are warned of some strong language.