Donald Trump is not a fan of Hillary Clinton or the FBI and just one day after Christmas he decided to go on the attack once again. Deciding to quote Fox News, the president railed against a previous FBI investigation into Clinton's private email server.

Trump on Clinton

During the 2016 presidential election, questions were raised as to whether or not Donald Trump was in cahoots with Russia. The former host of "The Apprentice" was forced to push back at allegations of possible collusion with the Kremlin, which increased as he praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and refused to release his tax returns, becoming the first major presidential candidate not to do so in the last 40 years.

Since the election, several well-respected news outlets and government agencies have concluded that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee with the goal of helping to elect Trump. While this has been the case, the so-called "pee tape" dossier was also released and reported on by CNN, which was later elaborated on further by Buzzfeed, but much of the information obtained has yet to be verified, including the allegation of sexual activity allegedly engaged in by Trump. With the information remaining sketchy, Trump decided to cite a recent Fox News story to use during his latest Twitter rant on December 26.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump doubled down on a report from "Fox & Friends" that doubted the validity of the FBI, while also attacking Hillary Clinton.

"WOW, @foxandfrlends 'Dossier is bogus. Clinton Campaign, DNC funded Dossier. FBI CANNOT (after all of this time) VERIFY CLAIMS IN DOSSIER OF RUSSIA/TRUMP COLLUSION. FBI TAINTED," Trump tweeted.

Concluding his tweet, Donald Trump added his own thoughts on the matter at hand.

"And they used this Crooked Hillary pile of garbage as the basis for going after the Trump Campaign!" he wrote with anger.

Moving forward

Donald Trump's most recent outburst against Hillary Clinton and the FBI highlight his apparent frustration over the ongoing Russian investigation led by special counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

In recent months, several past and current associates of the commander in chief have been brought up on charges as it pertains to various issues regarding potential collusion with Russia. Trump has since denied the allegations, but a recent CNN poll on the issue shows that over 50 percent of the American people believe that the president was involved with Russian hacking during his election.