As Christmas morning began, Donald Trump and Melania Trump made sure to take to Twitter to post their official holiday message. Just hours later and comedian Bill Maher decided to give his thoughts, adding a little mockery and trolling to his tone.

Maher on Christmas

Every year during the holiday season, Republicans, conservatives, and the right-wing media come together to bring attention to what they call the "War on Christmas." While there's been no evidence that the Christmas holiday has even come under threat to be abolished, many on the left have attempted to broaden the holiday season to embrace those who celebrate in different ways.

With many on Fox News bringing the issue to light on a daily basis, Donald Trump followed in the lockstep, which was seen during his campaign for president, as well as in the weeks leading up to his first Christmas as commander in chief. On Christmas Eve, Trump tweeted out that he helped "lead the charge" to stop the alleged "assault" on using the phrase "Merry Christmas," which was followed by a video post alongside First Lady Melania Trump on Christmas morning. In response, Bill Maher made sure to do a little trolling of the president during a tweet sent out on December 25.

Taking to Twitter on Christmas, Bill Maher took a humorous shot at the election and first year of the Donald Trump presidency.

"Merry Happy everybody!" Maher tweeted out. "Let's look on the bright side," he wrote, while asking, "On Inauguration Day, did you think we'd make it to Xmas?"

Concluding his tweet, Bill Maher mocked Donald Trump's time in office by comparing it to the virgin birth story of Jesus Christ in the Bible. "It seemed less likely than a virgin birth, to take an extreme example (winking emoji)" Maher noted.

Maher on greed

Bill Maher's tweet comes just one day after he posted a short video clip where he focused on American's being more obsessed with materialistic goods than their religion during the holidays. "America’s real religion is still greed," Maher wrote with his post.

Bill Maher has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, Republicans, political correctness on the far left, and all things religion, which was seen in his documentary titled "Religulous." The atheist comedian became one of the loudest opponents of the president in 2017, and is expected to continue with that theme as the host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" which returns for the show's 16th season on January 19, 2018.