Bert Glen Franklin, 36, is accused of murdering 19-month-old Lincoln Von Henry Lewis in Oklahoma City on July 16, 2016. He also allegedly attempted to arrange the murder of Roxanne Randall, the little boy’s mother, according to Crime Online. David Prater, the Oklahoma County District Attorney, charged Franklin with one felony count of conspiring to commit murder, KFOR reported. His bail is set at $500,000, based on an inmate search of the Oklahoma County Jail.

Franklin, a dentist and married father of four, is accused a battering Lewis, which is led to his death.

According to court records, he violently attacked, assaulted, abused,” and battered the little boy. Though Franklin's wife and children live in Tulsa, KTUL reported that he was also involved in a relationship with Randall for over a year when he allegedly killed her son. Additionally, Randall did not know about his wife, court records and KTUL noted.

Charged with first-degree murder of little boy

Prosecutors leveled a first-degree murder charge against Franklin in August, following the death of Randall’s little boy, according to People. Law enforcement authorities claim that Franklin was staying with Randall when home surveillance video was captured and shows him abusing Lewis.

He reportedly slammed the child’s head to the ground and kicked him, KFOR reported.

Franklin’s attorneys, however, contend that he was “kicking a dog,” not the child before he suffered a head injury and died two days later. The news agency also stated that Franklin appeared to be “carrying the limp boy” while he went to the kitchen to get a piece of pizza.

Accused claimed to throw dog a ball when mother heard loud thud

Randall was home during the incident the home surveillance camera picked up, only the footage didn’t “show the entire incident,” according to People. Franklin claimed that he had thrown a dog to the ball while Lewis slept. After Randall “heard a loud thud,” she rushed to the basement in her home.

The next day, Lewis was having breathing problems. The medical examiner determined that Lewis suffered a skull fracture. He was pronounced dead at Tulsa Hospital, where he was taken after Randall realized something was wrong with her little boy.

Murder trial delayed with new charge

Jury selection, which was originally scheduled to start December 4, has been delayed, along with Franklin’s first-degree murder trial since Franklin faces the new charge after allegedly calling an Irish mobster from a cell phone from within the Oklahoma County Jail. Court documents reflect that he reportedly paid the hitman $300 to kill Randall. The mobster, who was an informant, received the cell phone to give to Franklin, KTUL reported.

After a November 30 docket call, determining whether the prosecution and the defense were ready to proceed to trial, Franklin allegedly contacted his wife, using the Oklahoma County Jail’s messaging system. He reportedly asked his wife to deposit $300 into a jailhouse informant’s account. KUTL stated that Franklin is alleged to have told her that the money was designated for “spiritual” reasons.

On December 2, Franklin allegedly cited Randall’s address to the informant, as well as provided directions to her home. With the recent, additional criminal charge, Franklin’s trial has been postponed. A pre-trial conference is slated for January 17.