The Stockholm Concert Hall is all set for the ceremony of the most prestigious award, The Nobel Prize. The 2017 prize awarding ceremony is going to roll on December 10 in Stockholm, Sweden. The program starts with the numerous presentations describing the work done by the winners of 2017. Then the winners will be presented with a diploma and then the prestigious medal by the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf. A report by The Guardian revealed many of the facts reported in this article.

The Nobel Peace Prize 2017 ceremony will be held at Oslo City Hall in Oslo, Norway.

The awards will be given in the presence of the king and queen of Norway by the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The live telecast of this major event can be seen on SVT, a Swedish public service broadcaster which owns the exclusive rights to air the event. The live broadcast can be seen around 3:20 PM GMT (10:20 AM ET), on December 10.

Live stream on Nobel Prize channel

According to the official website of Nobel, after the prize ceremony, there will be banquet speeches by the winners which will be taking place at the Stockholm City Hall. The live stream of all these speeches will be available on Nobel Media which will be aired around 8:50 PM GMT (3:50 PM ET), Sunday, December 10.

As per the website, the Nobel Peace prize ceremony taking place in Oslo will also be filmed and exclusively broadcasted by NRK, a Norwegian government-owned radio, and television public broadcasting company.

The broadcast will begin at 11:50 AM GMT (6:50 AM ET). The entire award distribution ceremony will also be streamed live on the official Nobel Prize channel.

The sermons delivered by the Nobel laureates at the prestigious event can also be viewed on the channel. However, the Nobel Peace Prize speech by a delegate of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) will not be exposed to the official YouTube channel due to some copyright issues.

What you need to know about the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is an International Award honoring people around the world for outstanding works in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. In 1968, Sweden's Central Bank established a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Here is the list of 2017 prize winners:

Category: Chemistry

Award Winners: Joachim Frank, Jacques Dubochet, Richard Henderson

Category: Physics

Award Winners: Barry C.

Barish, Rainer Weiss, Kips S.Thorne

Category: Medicine/Physiology

Award Winners: Michael Rosbah, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael W. Young

Category: Economic Sciences

Winner: Richard H. Thaler

Category: Literature

Winner: Kazuo Ishiguro

Category: Peace

Winner: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)