From the start of his campaign for president over two and a half years ago, Donald Trump has been engaged in a war of words with the majority of the mainstream media. In his most recent posts on social media, the president continued that feud.

Trump on Twitter

It all started during Donald Trump's campaign announcement back in the summer of 2015 when he addressed the issue of illegal immigration and referred to those coming to the United States from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." The response from most in the media was negative as it set the stage for a clash between both sides in the years to come.

Following his election win over Hillary Clinton last November, Trump has only increased his trash talk against the press, saving only praise for conservative news outlet Fox News, including their morning program "Fox and Friends." With other news outlets like NBC, ABC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post all getting slammed by the president over their coverage, it's been made clear that Fox News is the only main news source that the billionaire real estate mogul trusts. As seen on his Twitter feed on December 21, Trump is doubling down on the his attack on the media.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday morning, Donald Trump decided to give credit to his favorite cable news show, while targeting the competition in the process.

"Was Fox and Friends just named the most influential show in news?" Trump rhetorically tweeted. "You deserve it...three great people!" he added, before noting, "The many Fake News Hate Shows should study your formula for success!"

In an additional tweet, Donald Trump went back to attack the media over their reporting of the recently passed Republican tax bill.

"The Massive Tax Cuts, which the Fake News Media is desperate to write badly about so as to please their Democrat bosses, will soon be kicking in and will speak for themselves," Trump wrote. The tax bill, which has received massive backlash from the majority of the American people, passed the Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday and has been sent to the president's desk for a signature.

Moving forward

As 2017 comes to an end, Donald Trump's first year in office will likely be remembered as being surrounded by controversy. Despite his own personal opinion, the latest polls show Trump with an approval rating as low as 32 percent, the lowest for any president during their first year in office in recent American history.