After nearly a year of working out the details, Republicans were able to find enough party support in the Senate and the House of Representatives to pass the controversial Tax Bill that had been pushed by Donald Trump. In response, comedian Bill Maher didn't hold back.

Maher on tax bill

It's routine for Republican politicians to promise tax cuts as it's been their number one economic talking point for multiple generations. During the 2016 election, Donald Trump vowed to bring the American people their biggest tax break since the days of Ronald Reagan.

With a Republican-controlled majority in Congress, it was viewed as only a matter of time before that promise became a reality. Despite the numbers advantage, the former host of "The Apprentice" struggled to get on the same page with many in his own party, with the tax bill facing various roadblocks. However, the president and congressional Republicans came to an agreement, and without any Democratic support, passed the tax bill to his desk. The response from the majority of the American people was negative, as the polls leading up to the vote showed that well over 50 percent of the country was opposed to the bill. One outspoken critics has been host of "Real Time" on HBO, Bill Maher, who used his Twitter feed to give his thoughts.

With his show "Real Time with Bill Maher" off for the holiday season, Bill Maher decided to chime in on the current news of the day on his social media account.

Following the Republican tax bill passing in Congress, Maher mocked the GOP before hitting them with his explicit thoughts.

"Well, they did it," Bill Maher wrote.

"Finally, someone had the courage to stand up for America's forgotten corporations," Maher added with clear sarcasm. "Jk - Fu*k you, a**holes," Maher emphatically tweeted, while concluding, "hope you choke on it." Maher's hard-line opposition has been in line with his personal politics for sometime, which is expected to continue when the next season of "Real Time" returns to HBO on January 19.

Tax opposition

Bill Maher's strong words in opposition to Donald Trump's tax bill mirrors the thoughts of many other Americans. Non-partisan studies show that despite cutting taxes for most Americans on a short-term basis, rates with increase over time, while the bill is expected to add as much as $1.7 trillion to the national debt by 2027. With the backlash to the Republican Party only increasing, Democrats are expected to perform well during the 2018 midterm elections.