Sini Mathews, 35, is scheduled for a bond reduction hearing on November 27, according to KLIF News. She is currently jailed and being held on $250,000 bond in Dallas, TX, on felony child endangerment or abandonment. She was arrested on November 18 after police obtained an arrest warrant and she surrendered to authorities.

The felony charge against Mathews evolved from the evening of October 6, when she went to dinner with her husband, Wesley Mathews, and the couple’s four-year-old, biological daughter. They left their youngest daughter, Sherin, alone at home for approximately 90 minutes while the trio dined at a restaurant in North Garland, TX.

Police gather evidence leading to both parents’ arrest

Before arresting three-year-old Sherin’s mother, police had obtained the parents’ cell phone records, financial information, and a receipt, showing that the couple was at a restaurant, where they only ordered only one child’s meal. Authorities also interviewed their server, who told police that the couple was at the restaurant with one child. Wesley Mathews also confirmed that Sherin was left home by herself on October 6.

The following morning, Sherin’s 37-year-old father, Wesley, reported her missing to police at roughly 8:12 a.m. He was arrested that day on felony child endangerment or abandonment, posted $250,000 bond, and was released.

He was re-arrested on October 23 after he voluntarily went, with his criminal defense attorney, to Richardson Police Department, where he asked to be interviewed by detectives.

It was during that interview that Mathews confirmed to police that he and his wife reportedly left Sherin in the kitchen of the family’s home, feeling frustrated that she would not drink milk – which is a recurrent theme in the multiple accounts Wesley Mathews has told police regarding the toddler’s death.

Toddler’s body discovered not far from family’s home

Sherin, who was known as Saraswati, was abandoned in bushes by her biological mother in India. She was taken in by an orphanage on February 14, 2015. Sini and Wesley Mathews adopted Sherin on June 23, 2016.

After searching for the little girl from the time her father reported her missing on the morning of October 22, volunteers, police from various agencies, and K-9 detection dogs searched for the missing toddler.

On October 22, police and K-9s continued their search for the three-year-old following a rainstorm.

Less than one mile from the Mathews’ family home, police discovered the body of Texas toddler Sherin Mathews in a culvert. The next day, her father went to the police department, was Mirandized, and told detectives that his toddler daughter allegedly choked to death on milk. He also stated that, after believing that she was dead, he removed her body from the house.

Both parents remain jailed without bond posted

Wesley Mathews is currently in Dallas County Jail, just like his wife, is being held on $1 million bond, and is charged with felony injury to a child, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 99 years in prison if convicted.

Until her bond reduction hearing, Sini Mathews remain locked up, the New India Express reported. If she is convicted of the current felony charge that has been leveled against her, she faces a maximum of two years in prison.