On Veterans Day, it's been routine for the President of the United States to make remarks in honor of the men and women who gave their lives for the country. After Donald Trump sent out a tweet for his first Veterans Day as commander in chief, critics of the president responded on social media.

Trump on Veterans Day

It all started back on the floor of Trump Tower in June 2015. That was when Donald Trump, with his family by his side, created a media frenzy by officially announcing his candidacy for president, doing so as a Republican. Over the next year, Trump would go from a joke to a legit candidate, especially after surprising many with his primary win over 16 other Republicans.

During this time, the former host of "The Apprentice" made sure to repeat several talking points in an attempt to gain support. One area that Trump focused on was his apparent respect and admiration for the United States military and the veterans who served throughout the years. Since then, and following his general election upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump has continued to stick with his claim of respect for veterans, despite not pushing for any legislation that would be beneficial to those who have served. On the other hand, those who oppose the president have not been shy in holding back their criticism, including pointing out the five deferments Trump received to avoid the Vietnam War, with many referring to him as a "Draft Dodger" while pushing to send troops to war while serving in the White House.

As seen on his Twitter account on November 11, Trump decided to send out a special message to honor Veterans Day.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted out a message for Veterans Day.

"On this wonderful Veterans Day, I want to express the incredible gratitude of the entire American Nation to our GREAT VETERANS," Trump tweeted out in a video message, before adding, "Thank you!"

In a follow-up tweet via his Instagram account, Donald Trump praised veterans of the Vietnam War 50 years after the United States first took part in the war.

"#DaNang #Vietnam- President Trump & CoS #General John Kelly meet with U.S. Vietnam veterans, after signing a proclamation commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War," the Instagram post read.

Twitter responds

Following Donald Trump's remarks about Veterans Day and the Vietnam War, backlash quickly followed on social media. "Yes, we love our veterans. But we must not go down the path of nuclear war. Please stop making incendiary remarks. You are making me fear for my children's lives and precipitating the end of life as we know it on earth," one tweet read.

"Looks like your blood pressure is way up Donnie.

Under some sort of stress?" another tweet noted in reference to the attached video of the president. "Unless of course you’re John McCain. Or transgender. Or Humayun Khan. Or a vet with ptsd. Everyone else, Trump is grateful!" an additional tweet added.

"What a disgrace to our vets.

To have a coward draft dodger in the white house. Sad," yet another tweet stated. "Thanks so much to the bone spur gods, because if you served in our military, we could be the United States of Russia now," a Twitter user wrote. The negative reaction continued as the opposition to Donald Trump and his lack of military service moved forward.