For the last two weeks, Donald Trump has been been taking part in a foreign trip through Asia. As the president gets ready to head back to the United States, many of his critics aren't too thrilled.

Trump heads home

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president, most people didn't take his candidacy too seriously. However, after a few months of watching his approval rating increase, the former host of "The Apprentice" became a legitimate candidate for president, which led him to the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention last summer.

Just a few months later and Trump was able to pull off the historic and shocking upset with a win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Election Day. Since then, scandal has surrounded Trump, ranging from his reckless behavior on social media, to his controversial policy proposals, to the ongoing investigation into his possible collusion with Russia during the election. With his approval rating dropping below 40 percent and with constant backlash from the media and his critics, Trump left the country nearly two weeks ago to take part in a lengthy stop overseas. The president spent time in Japan, China, South Korea, the Philippines, and other countries, meeting with various world leaders in the process.

As seen on his Twitter feed on November 14, Trump decided to announce his return to the U.S. with a video package.

Taking to Twitter on early Tuesday morning, Donald Trump tweeted out his exit from the Philippines. "THANK YOU to the amazing staff and their families of the United States Embassy in the Philippines," Trump wrote, while adding, "Keep up the GREAT WORK!"

In a follow-up tweet a few hours later.

Donald Trump posted a final send off as his Asia trip comes to a close. "THANK YOU ASIA" Trump tweeted, using the hashtag "USA" while also attaching a video montage of his time on the continent.

Social media backlash

As Donald Trump makes his way back to the United States, with a planned stop at Trump International Hotel Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii, critics of the president took time to give their thoughts in response to the aforementioned tweets.

"Is this a facetious remark? Where is the winning? I only see his 'whining' about fake news all of the time!" one tweet read.

"Asia won't miss you," another tweet stated, while sarcastically adding, "Glad to see you finally made it to Vietnam bone spur and all." "Yes, thanks to Asia, your traitorous POS a*s was out of the USA for nearly two weeks.

How much to we have to pay you to stay in Asia forever?" a Twitter user rhetorically asked.

"They ALL played you like the tiddlywink you are.

Big crowds and parades and you made yourself look like a fool. There are no more Samurai and the never had anti-missile ability. And that's the tip of the idiotberg you crashed in Asia," an additional tweet noted. "How much tax payer dollars are you spending on all this high-production propaganda? Get back to me with a number. Thanks," yet another tweet stated. The negative reaction to Donald Trump's stop in Asia continued as the president makes his way back home to a clearly divided nation.