Judge Michael Ryan Barrett, Southern District of Ohio, ordered convicted drug dealer Michael Chandler pay roughly $9,000 restitution to cover the funeral expenses following the Overdose death of a teen, according to the Huffington Post. Chandler, 29, was also sentenced to prison on November 20. He will spend almost 17 years – 200 months total – incarcerated.

Chandler, a previously convicted felon, served time in prison for trafficking both cocaine and heroin. His longest duration in prison was three years, the Cincinnati Enquirer noted. In December 2012, He was paroled.

By January, Chandler resumed selling drugs and was re-arrested and served two more years in prison. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to drug possession, along with the intent to distribute heroin and fentanyl – Schedule I and Schedule II drugs.

Teen overdosed on fentanyl, led to undercover investigation

On April 19, 2016, a 17-year-old teen, named only as J.H. in court records, died at home as the result of overdosing on fentanyl. Another teen identified as CSI, whose friend was J.H., worked “undercover” with law enforcement to assist police in the investigation, according to the International Business Times (UK).

Though law enforcement surveilled Chandler’s activities and monitored his communications, the Times reported that police “needed to recruit CSI” to obtain “the crucial piece of evidence.” While undercover, CSI bought drugs from Chandler who was dubbed “Goldie.” CSI purchased fentanyl or heroin on four different occasions – each purchase was $40.

GPS trackers were on each vehicle that the drug trafficker drove, which included two rental cars. The tracking devices led authorities to an apartment that Chandler used that was located in Clifton, OH.

Police raid netted drugs, ammo, and drug paraphernalia

Once police raided property that Chandler used, they discovered “644 grams of fentanyl” and 28 grams of cocaine, the Times noted.

Additionally, police found ammunition, a handgun, and drug paraphernalia, the Huffington Post noted.

The criminal complaint that was filed in federal court in 2016 stated that the quantity of drugs, along with the equipment used for processing drugs, was “indicative of a substantial” organization of drug-distribution, according to the Enquirer.

Convicted fentanyl trafficker wanted to be “best drug dealer”

Federal prosecutors stated that Chandler reportedly aspired to be the “best drug dealer” in Cincinnati, according to the Enquirer, which acquired a video that depicts Chandler doling drugs to buyers who “lined up in their vehicles.” Chandler bragged at the start of the video, according to prosecutors, saying he was “just like McDonald’s.”

Kenneth Parker, Assistant U.S. Attorney, told the Enquirer that the video of Chandler was “one of the most appalling things” that he had seen in his career, spanning almost 20 years. J.H. was “nothing more” to Chandler “than a customer,” according to a memo presented for Chandler’s sentencing. Federal prosecutors deemed the now-convicted trafficker’s actions “monstrous.”

Parker also stated that people who use either heroin or fentanyl are “risking their lives,” according to the Enquirer. Drug dealers, he said, “are playing Russian roulette,” risking their freedom. Drug distributors face long prison terms following conviction.