President Donald Trump has reportedly been Sentenced To Death, which North Korea’s state-controlled newspaper proclaimed just as the president made his return to the United States following his South Korean visit, a facet of touring five Asia-Pacific countries, the Telegraph (UK) reported. The tour was chiefly focused on fortifying the regions’ joint stance against North Korea’s nuclear goals.

Rodong Sinmun is North Korea’s ruling party, propaganda publication – now name-calling the U.S. President for hurling insults about Dictator Kim Jong-un.

The newspaper stated that President Trump is a coward since he didn’t visit the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The party tool also conveyed that the president “deserved the death penalty,” the Washington Post noted.

President ‘hurt’ despot’s ‘dignity,’ called ‘hideous criminal’

“The worst crime,” Sky News relayed from the North Korean newspaper, is that President Trumphurt” ruling despot Kim Jong-un’s “dignity.” The editorial also stated that “he is just a hideous criminal,” who has been sentenced to death, allegedly “by the Korean people.”

The paper also asserted that the president “will be forced to pay” for alleged blasphemy, alluding to President Trump assuring that the United States won’t be intimated by threats of “nuclear aggression,” according to The Hill.

North Korea attacks president for not going to DMZ via helicopter

A pivotal point of the editorial was the fact that the president’s helicopter reversed course from the DMZ after an estimated five minutes as an effect of inclement weather. As a result of the need to turn back from the DMZ, the editorial attacked by stating, “It wasn’t the weather,” adding that the president was “too scared to face” North Korea’s troops.

Nearing the close of his 11-day, multi-nation trip, the president tweeted from Hanoi about the North Korean tyrant, saying that he wouldn’t call Kim Jong-un “short and fat.” Sky also noted that President Trump additionally tweeted rhetorically, asking why Kim Jong-un would call him “old.”

POTUS cautions oppressive leader about amassing nuclear weapons

While addressing South Korea’s parliament, the U.S.

President cautioned the North Korean oppressor that the county’s build-up of nuclear weapons is posing “grave danger” to Kim Jong-un’s regime, according to FOX News. President Trump also condemned North Korea’s “cruel dictatorship.”

Though the U.S. isn’t seeking conflict, President Trump also stated, he assured that America will not “run” from confrontation either. He pointed out, “History is filled with discarded regimes” after they tested the United States’ “resolve,” FOX reported. By looking at America’s past, the president reminded, doubts over the country’s determination will be put to rest.

The exchange of personal insults between the president and the dictator has been ongoing and accompanied by threats to attack militarily, while Kim Jong-un endeavors to possess nuclear armament.

President Trump has referenced the tyrant as “Little Rocket Man” while Kim Jong-un has dubbed the president “dotard,” which equates with someone who is “old” or “senile,” the Telegraph stated.

President Trump stresses ‘responsible nations’ must isolate dictator’s ‘brutal regime’

Speaking before South Korea’s lawmakers, President Trump emphasized that all “responsible nations” need to band together to isolate Kim Jong-un’s “brutal regime,” The Hill relayed. He stressed, as well, that Asia-Pacific countries cannot support, supply, or accept the dictator’s regime.