The execution team in the death chamber at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville had to postpone administering capital punishment to 69-year-old Alva Campbell on Wednesday morning (Nov. 15), news media has reported. Team members couldn’t land a needle in a vein in the death row inmate’s arms and right leg, despite their best efforts.

For approximately 25 minutes, the team members tried to find a viable vein in the ailing and aging murderer, who is plagued with a litany of health problems. Campbell reportedly suffers from asthma and emphysema.

He might also have lung cancer, according to his federal public defenders. He must also tote an external colostomy bag wherever he goes.

Condemned inmate’s vein condition changed in a day, not viable for delivery of death

Gary C. Mohr, the director of Ohio’s Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC), stated that “the condition of Campbell’s veinschanged since the time that prison personnel checked on Tuesday, CBS News reported. When checked the day prior to his scheduled execution, officials found that his veins were viable.

While prison officials did intend for Campbell to use a wedge pillow during his execution to assist with his breathing, his breathing did not pose a problem while the execution team checked him for the viability of his veins, NBC News noted.

Team members halted the execution abruptly, according to prison officials, right after it seemed that an IV was effectively inserted into the ailing inmate’s right leg.

Firing squad proposed by killer, not allowed under state’s law

After the postponement of his execution, according to CBS, Campbell wiped away some tears and shook hands with those designated to have executed him.

As a result of the laundry list of his health conditions, including prostate cancer and hip replacement alleged by his attorneys, Campbell recommended that his capital punishment is carried out by a firing squad, according to NBC. Imposing the death sentence by such means is not “allowed under current Ohio law.”

Killer’s 1997 crime spree traumatizes woman targeted for second carjacking

Campbell’s death sentence is for murdering 18-year-old Charles Dials in 1997 after he attacked a deputy while he was in custody.

He stole the deputy’s gun, then, carjacked the teen, stole his truck, and drove hours with the teen crouched in the footwell. He fatally shot Dials, who was also at the courthouse to pay a ticket.

On Tuesday, Sam Workman spoke of Campbell also targeting his mother, Kate Workman, after he murdered Dials. Her son told news media that his mother had “just dropped off her grandson,” ABC 6 reported. She, then, went to a local store with the goal of returning a carbon monoxide detector. That’s when Campbell approached her.

He reportedly held the deputy’s stolen gun to her head, telling her to move over. “I’ll kill you,” her son recounted his mother saying. “I just killed one guy here,” Campbell also warned.

He threatened to kill her, as well.

Kate Workman vowed that she would “fight off any attacker,” according to her son and ABC. After Campbell forcibly entered her car, she made good on that promise. She did slide over, as Campbell demanded but she also jumped from the vehicle, out the passenger’s side.

She fled into the store, where she called her son. Sam Workman stated that his mother was “traumatized.” He described her as “a lot more nervous,” ABC noted. He further said that she wanted all of the doors locked and the curtains drawn.

Woman testified, ‘relieved’ by murderer’s death sentence

After threatening Workman, Campbell attempted to carjack another person and, yet again, he failed. The victim escaped.

Police finally caught the fugitive hours later. ABC reported that Kate Workman testified. Her son said she felt “relieved” when Campbell was sentenced to death by a jury.

Upon learning of Campbell’s original execution date, Workman told his mother that “they’re supposed to put him down” on her birthday. He believes that she stated in response, “That will be a good birthday present,” according to ABC. Kate Workman didn’t live long enough for Alva Campbell’s execution – with its delays. She died March 8, 2017.