Each Thanksgiving Day for 12 years, Americans across the nation take part in the annual Drumstick Dash. This 5K race benefits the Rescue Misson and is expected to feed 250,000 hungry families with the proceeds. Those who take part can choose to walk or run the 3.1 miles. In addition to men and women participating there are a lot of children as well as dogs who must be on a leash. Some people will push others who are in wheelchairs so they can do their part. The theme of moving your feet so others can eat has been very successful, and the number of participants grows each year.

The 2017 Drumstick Dash continues to help the needy

In Roanoke Va., Union Bank and Trust have been sponsoring the Drumstick Dash for the local Rescue Mission for 12 years. Former residents of the Star City often return to town to take part in the annual event. Often some entire families are running or walking together. While most people are preparing their holiday meal, thousands of individuals are waiting as early as 8:00 AM in the freezing cold on Thanksgiving to make sure that others have something to eat.

Many people are cheering from the sidelines, and the first runner usually crosses the finish line in about 17 minutes. Those who are walking make the 3-1 mile trek in about an hour, so within about an hour and a half everyone is finished, and there are always snacks waiting.

The top 3 runners get medals, and every participant is awarded a shirt. The event concludes in enough time that it should not interfere with anyone's Thanksgiving meal.

Roanoke Rescue Mission benefits the Community

The Roanoke Rescue Mission has a homeless shelter and also a separate abode for women and children. They also give vouchers for free used clothing from their thrift store to those who stay at their facility.

Those who live at the shelter are given two daily meals, breakfast and dinner. Unfortunately, there are about 500 school age children who currently reside at the local facility. Funds from the Drumstick Dash are beneficial for to make sure they get nutritious meals. Thanks to the annual 5K run/walk these services can continue.

The holidays can be difficult for those who have fallen on hard times. Thanks to the Drumstick Dash money will be available to feed the more than 250,000 hungry individuals that have been anticipated.Keep this fundraiser in mind, and perhaps next year you can move your feet so that others can eat. If unable to participate you can sponsor someone who can do the 3.1-mile run/walk.