As most Americans gathered together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, Donald Trump had other ideas in mind. With questions hanging over the future of health care, the president lashed out on social media.

Trump on Thanksgiving

During the early days of the 2016 presidential election, not many people gave Donald Trump a realistic chance to become president. Despite this, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to find success, and rode that momentum to a primary victory at the Repubican National Convention last summer. Just a few months later and Trump was able to pull off the upset by defeating Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

Over the course of his entire campaign, Trump made various promises, including his vow to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). However, even with a Republican majority-control in the House of Representatives and the Senate, he has been unable to rally enough support behind his plan for health care. Fast forward to president day and Trump is almost complete with his first full year in the White House, and Obamacare continues to remain the law of the land. As seen on his Twitter feed on November 23, the commander chief didn't let turkey and stuffing hold back his thoughts.

Taking to Twitter on Thanksgiving night, Donald Trump wasted no time bashing Obamacare and the Democrats during a holiday tweetstorm.

"ObamaCare premiums are going up, up, up, just as I have been predicting for two years," Trump tweeted.

Not stopping there, Donald Trump continued with his attack.

"ObamaCare is OWNED by the Democrats, and it is a disaster," he wrote. "But do not worry. Even though the Dems want to Obstruct, we will Repeal & Replace right after Tax Cuts!" Trump concluded.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of his Twitter attack on Obamacare, Donald Trump was hit with backlash from his critics.

"Premiums are going up because you tried to sabotage it!" one tweet pointed out.

"No dude, you own it after you stopped funding the payments to support it," another tweet added. "Ha, you couldn't hit water if you fell out of a boat. Congrats on being a total failure and laughing stock on the worlds stage.

Happy thanksgiving," one Twitter user noted.

"I guess your done eating Thanksgiving dinner!!

Back to tweeting about the Democrats and ObamaCare," yet another tweet stated. "Wrong. YOU will be repealed and replaced. And your 'brand' is the one going down. Trump name off the buildings. Low income low profits," an additional tweet read. The negative response continued as Donald Trump relaxed on Thanksgiving by tweeting about the possible repeal of Obamacare.