After completing his 12-day trip through Asia, Donald Trump returned to the United States and decide to hold a speech at the White House. After talking up his experience overseas, Trump needed to take a quick break and grab a sip of water.

Trump's water break

Over the last two weeks, Donald Trump has been out of the country and taking part in his longest foreign trip to date. Leaving earlier this month, the former host of "The Apprentice" visited multiple countries in Asia, including Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippians, and more. Trump's trip received a predictably mixed reaction, with supporters praising the president, while critics, and the majority of the mainstream media, accusing the commander in chief of being unproductive.

Trump made headlines on more than one occasion, most notably his Twitter rant against Kim Jong-un, while mocking the North Korean leader as "short and fat." Upon arriving back in the states, Trump decided to hold a speech at the White House where he detailed parts of his trip, while giving himself credit for his alleged accomplishments. As reported by CNN on November 15, Trump quickly became the target of a joke after taking an impromptu break to drink some water.

While addressing the media at the White House on Wednesday, Donald Trump spoke about his time in Asia before having to take a break and quench his thirst with a sip of FIJI water. "They don't have water," Trump said while struggling to find his bottle, before adding, "that's OK." "What?" he asked to a person off screen.

Trump then ducked below his podium once again, pulled out a bottle of water, posed for the camera before struggling to get the cap, and eventually taking a sip. As expected, critics of the president were quick to poke fun at him, with some pointing out the hypocrisy due to Trump once mocking Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for doing the same thing during the Republican primary.

Twitter responds

Not long after Donald Trump took his water break, those who oppose the president wasted no time firing back.

"Shorter Trump: I’m wonderful, no water no water you’re the water, America first, I don’t know how to drink water, Fiji first," Keith Olbermann tweeted out.

"This is the day dry mouth became president," CNN's Chris Cillizza tweeted out. "Trump drinks FIJI Water while decrying trade deficits," Bloomberg reporter Steve Dennis added.

"More than a tweet, there's also a video of Trump mocking Rubio's SOTU water moment," MSNBC producer Kyle Griffen wrote, while attaching a video clip of Donald Trump trolling Marco Rubio. In addition, Rubio even tweeted out his response, adding, "Similar,but needs work on his form.Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time."