Over the last month, one of the biggest stories in American politics has involved the campaign of Republican Roy Moore. As the scandal of alleged sexual assault hovers over the Moore campaign, Donald Trump appears to be standing by his side.

Trump on Moore

It was earlier this month when the Washington Post broke their bombshell story revealing the claims of four women who allege that they were sexually pursued by Roy Moore when they were underage, with the oldest story dating back to 1979. The paper cited 30 sources to back up the story, which has led to even more women coming forward, with at least one claiming sexual assault.

As expected, Moore has denied the allegations, referring to them as a smear job done by the "liberal media" in an attempt to derail his campaign. Moore is scheduled to run in next month's special election to fill the senate seat in Alabama left vacant by current Attorney General Jeff Sessions. While Moore was expected to have an easy victory in the typically red state, recent polls shows Democratic nominee Doug Jones with the edge. Following the news going public, Donald Trump and the White House attempted to keep their distance but were later put into a difficult position when Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway appeared to support Moore during an interview on Fox News over the weekend. As reported by The Hill on November 21, the president looks to be lending his support.

Not long after taking part in the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardon at the White House, Donald Trump spoke to reporters and was questioned on where he stands in regards to the sexual assault and harassment scandal involving Roy Moore.

"We don’t need a liberal Democrat in the seat," Trump said, in apparent support of Moore winning the election.

"He denies it. He totally denies it," Donald Trump stated.

Doubling down, Trump added, "Roy Moore denies it, that's all I can say." In conclusion, the president was asked if he would campaign for Moore, to which he replied, "We’ll have to let you know next week."


Donald Trump has come under fire in recent weeks ever since the New York Times revealed their own story about the sexual assault scandal involving film producer Harvey Weinstein. Since then, many high-profiled men have been accused of similar behavior, which appears to be in lockstep with the allegations directed at Trump by a dozen women just one year ago. While Trump has refused to bash Moore, he took time to call out Democratic Sen. Al Franken after a radio host accused him of inappropriate behavior, in what many critics have called hypocritical.