Each year the President of the United States holds their annual pardon of the Thanksgiving turkey. After Donald Trump took part in his first as commander in chief, critics of the president decided to lash out on Twitter.

Trump's turkey pardon

When Donald Trump first announced his plan to run for president, most people didn't think he had much of a chance at success. The initial reaction from the American people was humorous, with many believing Trump was just using a run for office as a way to boost ratings on his reality show. Despite this, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to find early success and eventually become the GOP nominee at the Republican National Convention in the summer of 2016.

Heading into the general election, Trump was viewed as the underdog but was able to pull off the upset, which included reported Russian interference, and defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Since his inauguration, Trump has found himself in the headlines on a daily basis, and usually for all the wrong reasons. Whether it's his questionable policy proposals, his reckless behavior on social media, or his controversial rhetoric, Trump has watched his approval ratings drop to nearly 35 percent. Despite this, the billionaire real estate mogul has stood his ground in his own defense, leading to the annual turkey pardon at the White House, as seen on his offical Twitter feed on November 21.

With his wife First Lady Melania Trump and son Baron Trump by his side, Donald Trump spoke at the White House to announce that "Drumstick" the turkey would be given a presidential pardon and not killed and cooked during the holiday season.

"Hi Drumstick," Trump said, before adding, "I am pleased to report that unlike many turkeys this time of year, Drumstick has a very bright future ahead of him." Trump even took a shot at President Obama, stating that he was not able to reverse the former president's pardons, so those previous turkeys could "rest easy." Following his speech, Trump and company walked over Drumstick and gave him an offical pardon, while saying, "I feel so good about myself."

Twitter reaction

After Donald Trump's turkey pardon was posted to his Twitter account, those who oppose the president wasted no time firing back.

"Or Roy Moore," one tweet read

"Assuming the turkey is Mike Flynn then I’m assuming the mashed potatoes are Donald Trump Jr," another tweet added. "Now the real question is...where will you deport the turkey to?" one Twitter user wondered.

"I thought you weren’t allowed to self-pardon," an additional tweet read with sarcasm.

"I can't wait for the day you're forced to resign. Make no mistake, it's coming & most of the world will be thankful for it," yet another tweet added. As the mocking and trolling continued, Donald Trump moved forward with his first year in office.