Barron Trump is the target of an ISIS group calling for the child's assassination. Desperation is said to be fueling the collapsing organization that recently had a stronghold over Iraq and Syria. Internet channels of the radical Islamic group have taken to posting personal information about President Donald Trump and Melania Trump's son online.

ISIS issues deadly threat against first son

The Washington Free Beacon reports that information about where Barron Trump's private school is located is posted on social media networks. The ISIS supporters are on a Telegram network and are urging backers to assassinate the 11-year-old first son, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

MEMRI picked up on the message that ISIS posted about assassinating Barron Trump on November 21. The post had a Google map of his school's exact location. The message was created by "Dak Al-Munafigeen," which translated means "striking the hypocrites." Moreover, the hashtag is "handle the son of the mule of America." An image of the first son was also added.

Barron Trump is well-protected by the Secret Service and they are likely on high alert after this ISIS threat. The extremists are being weakened by nonstop bombings and fighters are refusing to surrender.

It's unimaginable any child being a target of a terrorist organization, but the president's son has the best of the best looking out for him.

Turkey pardon ceremony

In lighter news, Donald and Melania Trump's son participated in the annual turkey pardon ceremony at the White House on Tuesday. The president pardoned Drumstick, a 36-pound turkey that was raised by five 4-H members from Minnesota. The large bird will be joined by another turkey, Wishbone, at Virgina Tech where they'll reside at "Gobbler's Rest."

Extended family members of the Trump family were also seen sitting in the audience at the Rose Garden of the White House.

Melania's parents were seen in the front row and Ivanka Trump was chatting with visitors before the pardon ceremony got underway.

Barron Trump wore a dark gray suit and tie for the turkey pardon. He stood on one side of his father while his mother was on the other side. He waited patiently while dad delivered his speech and tried to be funny by saying that he's overturned many of his predecessor's decisions by executive order, but wasn't able to reverse the pardon of "Tater" and "Tot," the two turkeys that former President Barack Obama pardoned last year.