First Lady Melania Trump is leaving her husband in the dust where public opinion is concerned. A new poll shows that she's not only more liked than President Donald Trump, but her appeal is increasing. As the nation sees more of Mrs. Trump take an active role in her position, she's winning many over.

Approval rating increases

A new CNN poll conducted in the first week of November reveals that Melania Trump's approval rating is at 48 percent. Just two months ago she was at 44 percent in a September poll. Her four-point increase may be attributed to her platform of fighting anti-bullying, the opioid epidemic and helping hurricane victims.

Of the 48 percent who have a favorable opinion of the first lady, 52 percent were men and 44 percent were women. More men than women, of the 1,021 respondents polled, see Mrs. Trump in a positive light.

Of those who have an unfavorable opinion of Mrs. Trump, the numbers came in at 34 percent; 28 percent of those participants were men and 39 percent were women. Once again, the gender gap shined through when it came to those who have a positive view of President Trump's wife.

For those who had no opinion of Melania Trump, there were 16 percent in the survey who didn't care one way or the other about her. 20 percent were men and 17 percent were women who had no opinion of Mrs. Trump.

President's approval rating keeps plummeting

Donald Trump's approval rating is only at 38 percent in the CNN poll for November. 59 percent have an unfavorable opinion of the President and the job he's doing in office.

The President's favorable ratings continue to plunge at historic lows with every poll reported. Much is to blame for this, including Robert Mueller’s continuing investigation into Trump’s campaign possibly colluding with Russia, the scrutiny surrounding administration officials, and now Donald Trump, Jr.'s alleged involvement with Wikileaks in which he reportedly exchanged several emails during the 2016 campaign.

First Lady is 'acts independently from her husband'

Melania Trump is also being viewed as someone "breaking" away from her husband in many respects. Her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, revealed in a statement a few weeks ago that the first lady is “independent and acts independently from her husband.” This came after the president's wife was under attack for confronting bullying when her husband is notorious for being a bully himself.