The Russian investigation took another turn on Tuesday night when the news broke that Jared Kushner was now being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller. As reports of turmoil continue in the White House, critics of the administration rejoiced on social media.

Mueller on Kushner

For nearly two and a half years, Donald Trump has been dealing with the nagging issue of being accused of collusion with Russia. From the early days of the 2016 presidential campaign, questions were raised as to what, if any, relationship the former host of "The Apprentice" had with the Kremlin.

From praising Russian President Vladimir Putin to refusing to release his tax returns, speculation grew all the way up to Election Day where Trump was able to pull off the historic upset over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. However, in the year since his victory, several well-respected news outlets and government reports have found that not only did Russia hack the Democratic National Committee, but that they did so with the ultimate goal of helping to elect Trump. Since then, several former and current campaign members and associates of the president have been outed for their own ties to Russia, including former campaign manager Paul Manafort. According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, on November 21, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner is coming under fire.

Reported by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday night, special counsel to the Russian investigation, Robert Mueller, is investigating Jared Kushner over his contact with foreign leaders.

The paper notes that Mueller and his team are looking into Kushner over his potential involvement with the controversial result of a United Nations resolution that was passed back in December 2016 which condemned Israeli settlement construction. At the time, Donald Trump was still weeks away from being sworn into office, but spoke out against the resolution, saying it was "extremely unfair" to the people of Israel.

The Wall Street Journal reports that officials in Israel reached out to members of the Trump transition team in how to move forward, which included alleged communication with Jared Kushner. In addition, Mueller is also reportedly investigating potential communication between Kushner and other leaders around the world.

Trump fed up

A follow-up report in Vanity Fair cited several White House officials who claim that Donald Trump is getting tired of Jared Kushner and his advice, and has been pushing for his son-in-law and Ivanka Trump to move back to New York City.

Also, the report notes that Kushner is worried that Robert Mueller's findings will "get" the president in a way that won't work out well for the administration. With the pressure mounting, only time will tell how the White House moves forward.

Twitter responds

Following the news that Robert Mueller was looking into Jared Kushner, those who have opposed Donald Trump decided to lash out on social media. "It's all coming to a head Trump next," one tweet added.

"When it comes to getting close to President Trump, this news from the @WSJ suggests the Mueller investigation isn't just knocking on the door, it may already be in the room," veteran journalist Dan Rather tweeted out.

"One, two, Mueller's coming for you.. three, four, better lock the door..." another tweet stated.

"It’s almost like when you run for president you should hire people who know what they are doing. Not criminals who have never had consequences," a follow-up tweet stated. The backlash continued as the investigation into Russia heats up.