Over the last two weeks, one of the top political stories has involved the sexual assault allegations directed at Roy Moore in Alabama. After Donald Trump came out in support of Moore, one host on MSNBC decided to speak out.

MSNBC on Trump

Heading into the special Senate election in Alabama, the consensus was that Republican nominee Roy Moore would have little trouble defeating his Democratic challenger Doug Jones. However, earlier this month the Washington Post broke a bombshell report featuring the stories of four women who claim they were sexually harassed by Moore when they were under the age of consent.

The paper provided 30 sources for credibility, which led to other women coming forward, with at least one accusing the Senate hopeful of sexual assault. To the surprise of no one, Moore denied the allegations and deflected the blame onto the "liberal media." The reaction from conservatives has been split, with some in the GOP calling for Moore to drop out of the race, while others have stood by his side. When pressed on the news last week, Donald Trump and the White House appeared to take the high road, but the president elaborated further while addressing reporters on Tuesday. At the White House, Trump supported Moore's candidacy by saying "we don't need a Democrat in the seat." These issues and more were discussed during a November 21 panel discussion on MSNBC.

While speaking to panel guests, including network contributor Elise Jordan, former Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards, and contributors John Heilemann and Jonathan Lemire, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace didn't hold back her disdain for Donald Trump over his support of Roy Moore, who is an accused child molester. "I have this physical feeling of just being repulsed listening to (Trump)," Wallace said.

"I don’t know what other word to use other than repulsed," Nicolle Wallace went on to say. "The head of the Republican Party essentially threw his weight behind someone accused of engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old," she noted.

Double down

Not stopping there, Nicolle Wallace continued on with her criticism of Donald Trump for publicly supporting Roy Moore over a Democrat despite the allegations against him. "There’s nothing normal about throwing your weight behind a child molester," she said. "When this president says ‘he denies it, he denies it’ I almost heard in him, 'I denied it too,'" Wallace concluded, in reference to the sexual assault and harassment allegations previously directed at the commander in chief.