John Kelly will never apologize to Representative Frederica Wilson. At least, that’s his stance for now. On Monday night Kelly reiterated that he would never apologize for the false remarks he made on October 19, about Wilson. The ongoing feud between the ex-marine general and the Congresswoman started after Donald Trump’s debacle involving Myeshia Johnson whose husband died on the battlefield.

Kelly, in an interview with Laura Ingram of Fox News, said he would not retract his ‘'empty barrel'’ comment. Also, the seemingly unending Trump-Congresswoman Wilson face off is now an issue emerging on social media where post calls for the lynching of the Florida politician.

Congresswoman Wilson threatened

Meanwhile, GearsofBiz report that an Illinois man is the subject of an investigation by federal authorities after he posted a meme that suggested that Congresswoman Wilson should be lynched. Wilson and President Trump have been exchanging barbs over her claim that he was disrespectful in his call to the widow of La David Johnson. The soldier, along with three Green Berets, died in an ambush in Niger.

The social media post by Tom Keevers called for “ten good men to help carry out a lynching.” Des Plaines Police Department Commander Christopher Mierwwa confirmed the investigation. Mierzva further stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also launched a probe.

FBI special agent Garret Croon confirmed that the agency was aware of the social media post and contacted the local authorities about the threat.

Keevers, in his defense, claimed that an anonymous person used his computer to post the threat. The Illinois man also admitted that asking for someone to be lynched was wrong while claiming he wasn’t sure he had, in fact, threatened to lynch Wilson.

Illinois man posts lynching advert

According to Keevers, someone could have used his words and turned them into a meme on the social media platform. However, the image on the Facebook post showed Keever’s name, photo, location, and timestamp. The advert was very descriptive; it calls for "ten good men with own horse and saddle" to carry out a lynching.

Also, the poster states he will provide rope, with a picture of Congresswoman Wilson posted below the wording. But Keevers later stated that the post was a joke, and he doesn't have ten horses.

Meanwhile, Wilson’s office did not to comment on the latest controversy in the unending face-off with Donald Trump. A presidential phone call to a widow Myeshia Johnson grieving the loss of her husband has turned into an ugly political mess.