Sherin Mathews was adopted from an orphanage in India on June 23, 2016. At the time of her adoption, the toddler was living at the now-defunct non-governmental organization Mother Teresa Anath Seva Sansthan, which was located in Nalanda. Sherin Mathews was subsequently reported missing from her home in Richardson, TX, on October 7, 2017.

The 22-pound toddler is now three-years-old. Though thousands of people in the United States and India alike have never met the little girl personally, she has inspired countless discussions on social media and following news reports.

Nearly 14 months and an entire ocean measure the distance from when and where Wesley Mathews and his wife Sini adopted the Sherin.

Thousands of people worldwide have poured their hearts out expressing their hopes, their sorrow, and their frustrations that the two people who assured India that they would love, nurture, and treat the toddler well have been categorically missing in action. Not a peep from her parents in Texas since their little girl disappeared following her father’s decision to allegedly leave her outside, alone in the dark.

Wesley and Sini Mathews’ behavior in the two weeks since the toddler’s father reportedly adopted a novel approach to parenting and allegedly disciplining his special needs daughter may lead people to conclude that they do not seem to care about her.

Her parents may even appear to have broken their promise made to India when they adopted her. Adopt a child, the child disappears, and the child’s parents say not a word. That makes a statement in itself.

Missing toddler not forgotten by India, Minister of External Affairs speaks concern for little girl

India has not forgotten Sherin, however.

On October 19, Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs, Government of India, announced on Twitter for the world to see that she is concerned for the little girl. Swaraj stated that the “Indian Embassy in U.S. is actively involved.” Swaraj has conveyed even more than Sherin’s parents in also stating that the embassy is keeping her “informed.”

India’s Minister of External Affairs could have easily hidden behind someone else and allowed someone else to speak for her, much like the toddler’s parents.

After all, Swaraj has a great deal of responsibility. She didn’t shield herself with a representative, used to share her thoughts. She spoke for herself, yet the toddler’s parents, meanwhile, have said nothing, except through a criminal defense attorney retained for Sini Mathews.

Toddler’s mother has defense attorney speak but not for public’s help

Many people in Texas, throughout the United States, and in several additional countries waited patiently for two hours while defense attorney Kent Starr was inside the Mathews’ home on October 11. Many people also anticipated that he would issue a plea for Sherin’s safe return while speaking for the missing toddler’s mother. No, that did not happen.

People also waited for Starr to ask people to contact Richardson Police Department with information relevant to the little girl’s disappearance. That didn’t happen either. Defense attorney Kent Starr’s goal differed from what people thought: His purpose was evidently to convince the public Sini Mathews cares about her little girl.

Much to people’s stunned amazement, Starr addressed how Sherin’s mother feels, not how the missing little girl might feel – left alone outside by a tree at 3 AM, near an area where her father, Wesley, said he saw coyotes because she refused to drink some milk. Imagine: His client’s defenseless child is missing but it was way so much more important for everyone to know that the toddler’s mother has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Everyone has right to legal counsel, but people who don’t need one, don’t hire one

Everyone has the right to a lawyer, Starr emphasized. True, yet also noteworthy is a fact that crime and child experts aptly pointed out during “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” on October 17: People don’t hire a lawyer if they don’t need one. Who hires a criminal defense lawyer in the absence of accusations leveled by law enforcement? Sini Mathews is mourning, however, and she is distraught. We were apprised by Starr to remember that people grieve differently.

Starr is absolutely right. Most parents with a missing child hole-up somewhere, speak not a word to the public in an effort to enlist assistance, or thank law enforcement for its diligence in trying to find their missing toddler.

He’s mistaken. Most parents with a missing child dig their heels in, reach out, and plead for their child’s safe return. They put their child above all else.

Little girl’s mother wants biological daughter returned by CPS, court hearing Monday

Sherin’s mother holds out hope, meanwhile, that her slightly older, biological daughter will be returned to her by CPS. CPS removed Sherin’s sister from the Mathews’ home. Why? Maybe it’s because her little sister was reported missing by a father accused by police of abandoning or endangering the child. But that was the father and not the mother. That’s right. Wesley and Sini Mathews told police that the little girl’s mother slept through everything leading up to her disappearance until police arrived.

She wants CPS to return her four-year-old daughter. There is a court hearing scheduled on October 23, which will mark the exact date that Sherin was adopted from India 14-months ago.

The little girl’s mother has spoken volumes – through her abject silence. She wants Sherin retuned, as well, yet has done not a thing to facilitate finding her.

Good luck in court on Monday, Mrs. Mathews. It seems the little girl’s mother will need a lot of luck – after acting contrarily to a caring and nurturing parent whose other daughter remains missing and following her refusal to cooperate with law enforcement.

Sherin Mathews remains missing. Anyone with information that can help law enforcement authorities locate little three-year-old Sherin Mathews is asked to contact police at (972) 744-4800.