After chasing, officials caught Radee Labeeb Prince, 37, in Delaware, CNN reported. The man is believed to be responsible for the shooting in Delaware and Maryland on October 18. As a result of the incident, three people died and three more were critically injured. The crime took place in the morning. Prince killed three people and injured two others at his workplace in Maryland. Then, he went to Delaware, where he wounded a third individual.

How did the police find Prince?

At around 7.05 p.m., authorities stopped the suspect near Glasgow High School in Delaware after an 11-hour manhunt.

During the chase, Prince did discard a .380 semi-automatic firearm, Fox News reported.

According to Police Chief Robert Tracy, the manhunt began in the morning, when Prince left the crime scene and headed to Wilmington, which is around 55 miles away. One of his victims gave details regarding Prince's identity, as the gunman targeted only the people whom he personally knew.

Prince killed the three employees with a handgun at Advanced Granite Solutions, a home remodeling business in Maryland. He had been working there for several months and was scheduled to work on the day of the incident. As Tracy noted, Prince has a history of 42 arrests and 15 felony convictions.

Prince is being held in police custody and has not pleaded guilty.

Attorney Ron Cherry claimed that Prince was unable to explain what had happened on the day of the incident.

What Prince's co-workers said

Prince's ex-colleague said that Prince had been fired from his previous job at JPS Marble and Granite some months ago after attacking one of their co-workers. The man noted that Prince returned to his former job more than once, demonstrating inappropriate behavior.

The worker, whom Prince attacked, tried to get a restraining order in February, ABC News reported.

A Witness of the shooting in Maryland said that Prince had asked some colleagues to get together, as he wanted to tell them something. After that, he opened fire, the New York Times reported. The witness noted that on the morning of the tragedy, Prince displayed anger toward the company and the employees.

When he talked to some colleagues, "his reaction was to start a fight." The witness added that Prince had an odd look on his face that day.

Melody Starling, who claimed to be Prince's relative, identified him as an angry "psychopath" who should be taken to a mental health facility.