Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson has been in the news in recent days for her criticism of Donald Trump in regards to the way he allegedly spoke to the pregnant widow of a recently fallen solider. The president and the White House have strongly pushed back against Wilson's allegations, but that hasn't stopped the congresswoman from going on the attack.

Wilson on Trump

It all started due to the tragic ambush in Niger, Africa earlier this month when Army Sgt. La David Johnson and three other American soldiers were killed. The story lingered in the back-pages as the majority of the press and the White House were dealing with other issues, ranging from the hurricane in Puerto Rico, health care and tax reform legislation, and Donald Trump's growing feud with the National Football League over whether or not the players have the right to protest the national anthem.

However, the story of the Green Berets killed in Niger vaulted into the headlines after the widow of Johnson, Myeshia Johnson, and her two kids greeted her husband's casket before receiving a phone call from the president. According to Frederica Wilson, Trump allegedly brought Myeshia to tears by saying her husband "knew what he was getting himself into" by signing up for the military. Trump has denied the claim, going as far as calling Wilson "wacky" and a liar on social media. During an interview with the New York Times on October 20, the Democratic congressman wasn't done offering her opinion on the situation at hand.

While speaking to the New York Times on Friday, Frederica Wilson elaborated on her thoughts about Donald Trump and the current administration, and she didn't hold back one bit with her criticism.

"The White House itself is full of white supremacists," Wilson said. The congresswoman's remarks were in regards to racism stem from a critical comment made by Chief of Staff John Kelly on Thursday, who referred to her as an "empty barrel." The term "empty barrel" is in reference to someone who doesn't have anything worthwhile in their head, though Wilson took it as a "racist term" without giving details to back up her reasoning.

"They are making themselves look like fools," Frederica Wilson went on to say, before adding, "They have no credibility." Wilson, who know jokes that she's a "rock star" due to her new-found fame, claims the White House is trying to "assassinate (her) character," noting, "everything they (W.H.) say is coming out and shown to be a lie."

Next up

As the bad blood between Donald Trump's White House and Frederica Wilson continues, it has only highlighted the already wide partisan political gap in the United States. Despite massive criticism from Democrats and the mainstream media, it appears unlikely that the president nor his team will take back their remarks about the congresswoman anytime soon.