President Donald Trump stressed the importance of his regular posts on social media, particularly, on Twitter, during his interview on “Fox Business Network” aired on Sunday, Reuters reported. President noted that this habit might have helped him to win the White House. He added that writing on social media, he can speak up his mind directly without any troubles after unfair media explanations.

Trump expressed his point of view

President Trump said that social media are "a typewriter" on “a tremendous platform,” which includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

President admitted that some of his friends and Republican leaders suggested him not to use social media or a least shorten a number of his posts.

Trump repeatedly writes about the disagreeable news media and other opponents; his tweets also include personal attacks. Some of his posts contain factual inaccuracies and lack of evidence, which demonstrates his personal and biased Point Of View.

Trump includes personal attacks in his posts

For the last months, Donald Trump used abolishing words regarding famous NFL sports players who knelt down in a protest during the National Anthem before the matches.

In February, President Trump criticized the former US administration for accepting "thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia," reported.

Donald Trump repeatedly tweeted about his disagreement with Senator Bob Corker, and Corker had to state the White House as "an adult day care center."

White House chief of staff John Kelly explained that he was unable to control Trump's tweeting. He noted that it was not his job to do that, so the criticism which he got was ungrounded, the Telegraph reported.

At the beginning of summer, President Trump stated that the former President Barack Obama had ordered Trump Tower in New York wiretapped, but Obama refused to confirm it. Last month, the FBI and the Justice Department claimed "they have no records related to wiretaps as described" by Trump's posts. Meanwhile, Donald Trump considers his tweets to be “well-crafted,” noting that he does well with social media, the Mediaite reported.

In the middle of summer, seven individuals claimed in federal court that Trump had blocked them on Twitter. The Justice Department stated that the suit "rests on the unsupported and erroneous premise" that President Trump's Twitter account is a public forum.