A United States Army general accused of having inappropriate sexual relations with the wife of a fellow soldier been recalled to the country. According to Fox News, the two-Star General who was in charge of the US Army Africa was fired after those under him lost their confidence in him to command them.

Inappropriate messages

According to an army spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington is being investigated for allegedly sending censored messages on Facebook to his married lover. His lover serves at the same army base with her husband in Italy. According to The Daily Mail, the Facebook messages are flattering and flirtatious.

In one of the messages, Harrington describes his lover as a "hottie." In another message, the disgraced soldier says "you seem to have a great modeling resume!" before venturing to inquire about the whereabouts of the lady's husband. In a series of messages, Harrington tells the lady that he would enjoy sharing a tent with her.

Efforts to ward off stress, bad behavior

According to army spokesperson Col. Patrick Seiber, Harrington will remain in the army's employment but will be shifted to the Pentagon. As is the norm in discipline issues, he will be reassigned to assist the director of the Army staff until the investigation into his case is completed. Behavior issues in the army have been on the rise, and to get to their root, earlier this year several mental health and counseling programs were put into effect.

The US military is trying its best to head off stress-related ailments and suicide. However, there have been calls to put more focus on top leaders.

Harrington joined a growing list of top military officials who have faced disciplinary action for Bad Behavior. The bad behavior has led to the introduction of new programs aimed at producing more ethical leaders.

Last year, the US military was hit by news that Maj. Gen. David Haight had been in an 11-year affair and a lifestyle of swapping sexual partners. The army was also forced to take disciplinary action against a former top assistant to then-US defense secretary Ash Carter. Haight owned strip clubs, against army regulations.

Meanwhile, the USA Today reported that approximately 75,000 US army veterans are residing in Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Many of them have been forced from their homes by the storm that hit the US state, and now living in shelters. According to the newspaper, many of the accommodations are located in schools and have no running water or electricity.