The feud between Senator Bob Corker and Donald Trump deepened after the president described the Republican Senator as "incompetent." Trump took to his Twitter account and described Corker as the "incompetent head of the Foreign Relations Committee," and claimed that the United States had performed poorly under the Senator's stewardship. According to The Independent and New York Times, Trump tweeted that Corker remained ignorant to the fact that the world was laughing at and taking advantage of the US. He added that the Senator and other leaders of his ilk set the US back and that it is time the country moved forward.

Trump is a liar?

Earlier before Trump took to Twitter in his latest attack, Corker spoke to CNN and claimed that world leaders are aware that many of Trump's comments are "untrue." Speaking to journalists on Capitol Hill, the senior Republican stated that the US leader struggles with the truth. Last year, Corker endorsed Trump for president. However, in his interview with CNN, the veteran politician vowed that he would not make that decision for the second time. Asked if he would support his fellow conservative for a second stint in office, he said he would not. He added that Trump is not a good role model for American children.

The Tennessee Senator voiced his belief that the US president would "not rise to the occasion as president."

Contrary to Trump's assertions, Corker opposed the Iran nuclear accord

According to media reports, Corker and Trump traded harsh words before the veteran politician had his session with CNN. On Tuesday, the billionaire president tweeted that Corker, who is set to retire, couldn't get elected as a "dog-catcher." Since announcing earlier this year that he would not seek a new term in office in 2018, the politician made his true feelings toward Trump more obvious.

He tweeted that since his fellow Republican assumed office, the White House has been turned into an "adult day-care center." Using his commanding position as the chairman of the Senate Relations Committee, Corker opposed the nuclear accord with Iran agreed upon when Barack Obama was in office.

Under the 2015 deal, Iran agreed to scale down its nuclear program by at least ten years.

In return, the US and its allies loosened the economic sanctions that threatened to cripple Tehran's economy. At the time, Corker voted against approving the deal and pushed for the enactment of laws that would grant Congress more power to police such accords. Despite this, Trump has regularly accused the senator of supporting the deal with Iran. The US president recently disavowed the agreement, saying that it has flaws that need to be ironed out.