On Friday, a fire chief stated that professional firefighters and neighboring reinforcements are working to contain the largest wildfires in Northern California, CNN reported. By Saturday, Experts from the National Weather Service forecasted strong winds and low humidity during the weekend, which would negatively affect their efforts and spread the flames.

According to local officials, the victims of the fire in the destroyed 5,700 houses and other buildings were totally burnt. Rob Giordano, Sonoma County Sheriff, explained that the remains of some people were only ashes and bones, so it would be almost impossible to find out their confirmative identification.

Some of the human remains were identified by metal surgical implants with printed ID numbers in their ashes.

Deadly wildfires caused huge damage

1,485 residents were reported to have been missing in Sonoma County, but 1,250 had been stated safe by October 13. By Saturday, 235 locals are still reported to be missing, but there is a possibility that they may not have checked on the authorities' list because of power outages.

The tragedy began at the end of the previous weekend, and 36 residents have been killed in the deadly fire for this time, the Independent reported. Thousands of houses and other buildings were damaged, around 90,000 residents had to move away during the mandatory evacuation.

The Bay Area of San Francisco, situated in tens of kilometers from Carolina, suffered from the unhealthy air caused by the fire. It is obligatory for its residents to use face masks daily.

Firefighters achieved the first progress

Fire Chief Barry Biermann of Napa County said that the work of law enforcement and firefighters was great and truly passionate, that's why they managed to achieve certain progress.

Local authorities have started the necessary preparations to return the evacuated residents back after the blazes' extinguishment. Deputy Chief Bret Gouvea of Cal Fire explained that they did not want residents to stay out of their houses for a longer time than it was necessary, the Washington Post reported.

According to Cal Fire, 221,000 acres of California territory were burnt, and 17 wildfires in the northern part have not been stopped yet because of dangerous fire conditions. Around 9,000 professional firefighters are using air tankers, fire engines and helicopters to battle the flames.