After three major hurricanes devastated parts of the United States over the last two months, those who were impacted by the storm have been struggling to get by. Over the weekend, the five living former presidents united in an effort to raise money, though current President Donald Trump was no where to be found.

Trump absent

It started last month in Texas when Hurricane Harvey touched down on the state causing damage that had never been seen in the area. The city of Houston was impacted the worst, as dozens were left dead, and thousands being forced to evacuate their homes.

Just as the United States was getting on board with taking care of the storm in Texas, Hurricane Irma ripped through Cuba and made its way to Florida. The southern and central parts of the Sunshine State were hit the hardest, but that wasn't the end of the storms. Not long after Irma, Hurricane Maria demolished Puerto Rico, with power being knocked out on the entire island. As of press time, over two dozen people have been reported dead, as the island braces for a rebuild that could take decades. Donald Trump's response to the storm in Puerto Rico has received criticism, though the White House has defended the president at every turn. Despite this, the five remaining former presidents came together in Texas this weekend to raise money for Hurricane Relief, which quickly resulted in Trump being trolled across the social media, as seen on Twitter on October 22.

On Saturday night in College Station, Texas, former presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all came together in an attempt to raise as much money as possible to help those effected by the hurricanes.

The event, known as "One America Appeal," was been able to raise over $31 million, with drew big name stars like Lady Gaga and the country music band Alabama to perform.

During the event, a pre-taped video message of Donald Trump was played due to the president spending the weekend at one of his private golf resorts.

Trump thanked the former presidents for coming together in a time of need, saying he and First Lady Melania Trump "express our deep gratitude for your tremendous assistance."

Twitter reacts

In response to the charity event, social media critics of Donald Trump wasted no time mocking the president for not being in attendance. "Seeing the former presidents at last night's event was a reminder the office has been held by men of stature and dignity. It will be again," conservative writer Bill Kristol tweeted out.

"5 Presidents raised 32 million for Hurricane relief.

The 6th...spent the morning attack tweeting and is now playing golf," another tweet read. "Why should Trump have to stop golfing to raise money for hurricane relief?! Isn't that what the 5 past presidents are for?" a follow-up message added with sarcasm.

"Five former Presidents raised 2 million dollars for hurricane victims...The current president tweeted about a poll on 'FAKE NEWS,'" an additional tweet added.

"Trump on a Twitter jag about how great he is as the 5 ex Presidents stand on stage to raise money for hurricane victims is peak asshole," yet another tweet stated. As the backlash continued, it showed that those who oppose Donald Trump were not going to hold back anytime soon.