President Donald Trump plans to release secret JFK files next week ‘subject to further information.’ US Government officials earlier stated that some of the information in the files should be blocked. The US National Archives has until October 26th to make the records public.

Is there new information on Kennedy's death?

The thousand-day period of Kennedy is popularly referred to as ‘Camelot.’ Purportedly a golden era, it is viewed with much nostalgia and affection by many. Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, has been the subject of much speculation.

Many articles, books, Television shows, and movies have depicted his tragic death; all have a different rendition of the event that shaped his legacy.

Without any doubt, Kennedy is one of the most admired and loved US Presidents that ever sat in the White House. However, there is still a sense of mystery about his assassination despite all the information about his mysterious death. Surveys show that most Americans are skeptical of the official version which solely blamed Lee Harvey Oswald.

In fact, there are still serious doubts about the inquest, no concrete evidence exists that suggested that Harvey had help or even assassinated the President. But bizarre conspiracy theorists have blamed everybody from organized crime to Cuba, and even US security agents!

Did Russia and Cuba plan assassination?

Apparently, Oswald had traveled to Mexico City in late 1963 and planned Kennedy’s assassination with Cuban and Soviet spies.The National Archives had already released most of the documents about the case, except for a single batch of files. This installment is the remainder of thousands of materials collected, and their release is solely a presidential prerogative.

Government agencies want some documents withheld; these pertain to more recent operations. Author Philip Shenon, an authority figure on Kennedy's assassination, is curious about the contents of the last batch. He doesn’t expect anything spectacular to emerge from the secret files but he does expect some information about Oswald’s purported meetings with Soviet and Cuban spies.

Shenon also stated that he was curious to see if anything would emerge linking Senator Ted Cruz’s father to Oswald. That theory was something Trump had alluded to during his election campaign. But, he does not imagine that claim will come to fruition. In his view, linking Senator Cruz’s father to Oswald is President Trump’s favorite conspiracy theory. However, the senior Cruz considers the argument plain ludicrous.