On Sunday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave an interview to CNN’s “State of the Union,” where he claimed his decision to continue diplomatic efforts to cool down the tensions with North Korea, the Washington Examiner reported. According to Tillerson, he would use this policy "until the first bomb drops." Secretary of State noted that President Donald Trump had also expressed his intention to solve the situation diplomatically and does not want to start a war.

Tillerson's position about the US policy

Last month, Tillerson announced his diplomatical intentions for the first time, when he visited China and talked to the Chinese officials, Reuters reported.

Donald Trump responded him on Twitter, claiming that Secretary of State was wasting his time and efforts trying to communicate with the DPRK leader Kim Jong Un.

Talking with CNN's Jake Tapper, Secretary of State mentioned that President Trump has a very close relationship with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, so China understands the US policy very well and was not confused by Trump' announcements on social media.

During the interview on October 15, Tillerson explained that Trump's policy had strategic value to motivate action "on the regime in North Korea." Tillerson stressed that he did not want to confront President Trump in his policy and tried to seek a common ground in their intentions to confront North Korea's nuclear and missile programme.

Tillerson stated that Trump's actions and sanctions joined the international union against North Korea's military policy.

Tillerson spoke about Trump's decisions

Speaking about Trump's decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, Tillerson said that it would not impact the diplomatic approach of the US to North Korea. Although many of the US European allies have criticized this decision, noting that North Korea would trust the US less, Tillerson said that the US would "expect a very demanding agreement with North Korea."

On Monday, the US and South Korea began their last joint military drills in the area of the Korean Peninsula, BBC reported.

North Korea reportedly regards these exercises as a "rehearsal for war".

Tillerson did not comment on CNN's question about his offensive words at the Pentagon when he reportedly said last summer that President Trump was a "moron." Earlier, Trump claimed that he wanted to battle Tillerson in an IQ test, and Secretary of State noted that he had been joking while saying it.