US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Washington has channels of communication with North Korea, and now the US authorities are studying whether Pyongyang is ready to begin negotiations on the nuclear program, Bloomberg reported.

On Saturday, Tillerson's spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters that the U.S. does not want a collapse of the regime, and the officials of North Korean regime did not show any sign of talking regarding denuclearization. Tillerson stated that the U.S. wants to negotiate with North Korea even after Trump's August tweet, saying that "talking is not the answer."

The U.S. has "a couple, three channels open to Pyongyang," Tillerson told reporters during a visit to Beijing.

He added that the US is probing North Korea. On Friday, the White House said that Trump would have his first visit to Asia in November. He will be visiting Japan, South Korea, China, and some other Asian countries.

Tillerson communicated with North Korea

The US relays on the messages of the embassy of Sweden, which intermediates between the two regimes because it does not have an embassy in N. Korea. The special representative of Tillerson for N. Korea policy, Joseph Yun, has privately communicated with N. Korea, but he only received a limited information related to the issue with three detained US citizens.

The United States and North Korea held the first dialogue in Geneva in 2011. They had reached an agreement on Pyongyang's refusal to develop nuclear weapons at the experimental reactor in Yongbyon instead of building an international consortium for a new nuclear power plant on light water reactors.

Three years later, negotiations were held between South Korea, the DPRK, the United States and the People's Republic of China (PRC).

UN sanctions on North Korea

On September 3, the DPRK conducted its sixth most powerful nuclear test following dozens of missile tests this year. The United Nations put sanctions on the nuclear and missile tests of the regime, and Trump also threatened North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying that he would not be around much longer, calling him a little Rocket Man.

Recently, North Korean foreign minister threatened to conduct a nuclear test in the atmosphere after Trump's threat to totally destroy his regime. When asked if North Korea's nuclear test threat would be a red line for the U.S. military, Tillerson responded that it would be the decision of President Trump.