During the interview with Jake Tapper of the "State of the Union" on Sunday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that he was intended to continue the diplomatic efforts to achieve peace with the DPRK, CNN reported. He mentioned that these efforts would last until the first launched bomb.

The US and North Korea are finishing their military drills in the Korean Peninsula. According to the US, these exercises were aimed to practice in defense, while the DPRK used them to prepare for targeting the US. North Korean leader Kim Jung-un threatened to launch his most powerful missiles to the US, including hydrogen bombs, while Donald Trump stated his intention to destroy North Korea.

Tillerson explained Trump's position

Secretary of State claimed that President Donald Trump wants to achieve success in diplomatic relations with North Korea, Reuters reported. He added that President Trump is against violence and does not want to outrage a war, although Trump had repeatedly written on his official Twitter account that war was necessary.

In September, Tillerson told the Chinese reporters that the US has open direct channels to negotiate with North Korea to improve the situation on the Peninsula. After his announcement, Donald Trump tweeted that Tillerson should not waste his efforts, as peaceful communication with the DPRK had never worked.

Answering the question about Trump's threats to start military actions and even destroy the DPRK, which undercutting any diplomacy, Secretary of State explained that the Chinese authorities are close to the US government enough not to be confused by Trump's position and intentions, the Washington Examiner reported.

He added that Trump tweeted such statements had strategic value and were written to "motivate action."

What Tillerson wants to achieve

Rex Tillerson noted that Trump's diplomacy and the imposed sanctions had united the world against the nuclear programme of the DPRK, BBC reported. He also tried to downplay any split with Donald Trump over the US strategy to act against the nuclear weapons of North Korea

On October 13, North Korea announced its threat to launch missiles in the water area of island Guam for the second time, explaining that such measures could be "counteractions" to the US "reckless moves." The US stated its decision to perform the 10-days joint naval drills in the South Korean waters.