Republican Senator Bob Crocker defends his recent criticism of Donald Trump's White House. In a story by the Associated Press, he likened the president's administration to an “adult day care center.” Crocker suggested that World War III is inevitable under President Trump's stewardship of the United States.

Crocker called Trump “an utterly untruthful president”

According to Crocker, in a report by USA Today, after almost a year of working with Trump, he had witnessed enough to make his assertions. President Trump, who is always quick to stir up controversy, declared that the US senator could not even get elected as a dog catcher.

The senator was once a staunch supporter of the president, but over time, he became one of his most outspoken critics. Senator Crocker does not think highly of Trump's presidency and had also criticized his treatment of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Meanwhile, with the North Korean impasse, he said Donald Trump is hampering Tillerson’s diplomatic negotiations with China. China may be the only country that can perhaps talk some sense into the arrogant North Korean leader.

Is the US on a collision course?

According to Crocker, the US is on a collision course to combat. The US president should let the professionals steer the US economy for a while, he added. The GOP senator declared that President Trump has a penchant for exacerbating matters by his tweets.

He also stated that the US leader continuously diminished the role of the secretary of state in a significant way.

The chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations also wants Trump to stay clear of tax negotiations. Recently, watchdog groups reported that Donald Trump was considering putting a cap on retirement savings plans.

Crocker declared that the tax-writing committees are responsible for the creating tax bills, and not Donald Trump.

Also, the Republican lawmaker said the president should exercise caution when it comes to the administration’s optimistic views of economic growth under its tax plan. Reportedly, he disagrees with the contention of the administration that it will cut the deficit by a trillion dollars.

According to him, a suitable mechanism should be in place to help deal with the process of tax reform.

The GOP senator expressed his opinion on the Niger ambush as well. He stated that no one knows what happened when the four Green Berets training Niger troops lost their lives.