Over the last two and a half years, Donald Trump has found himself in various feuds since becoming an offical politician. One name that has come in and out of the president's life has been Republican Sen. John McCain who decided to troll Trump without even mentioning his name during a recent interview.

McCain on Vietnam War

When Donald Trump first announced he was going to run for president back in June 2015, not many people knew what to expect. As time went on, the former host of "The Apprentice" engaged in a war of words with the mainstream media and many Democrats, but there were also some Republicans who weren't on the same page as the now current president.

The first Republican that Trump took aim at was Arizona Sen. John McCain. When asked about McCain's military service, Trump replied that he "was not a war hero" because he was captured during the Vietnam War and became a POW. "I like people who weren't captured," Trump went on to say. Since that time, the two men have gone back and forth over a variety of issues, most recently McCain's decision not to support Trump's repeal of Obamacare and bill to replace it. The billionaire real estate mogul name-dropped McCain on more than one occasion, going as far as threatening him earlier this month, saying, he should "be careful." In his own response, the senator replied, "I've faced greater challenges than this." According to C-SPAN on October 22, McCain is not done taking a shot at the president.

While sitting down for an interview with C-SPAN on Sunday, John McCain was asked about his time in the military, including being a POW during the Vietnam War.

Without mentioning Donald Trump by name, the former 2008 GOP presidential nominee took a clear jab at the president. "We drafted the lowest income level of America and the highest income level found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur," McCain said, a direct reference to one of the five deferments Trump received to avoid the war.

"That is wrong," John McCain said. "If we are going to ask every American to serve, every American should serve," he concluded. Though McCain didn't mention the commander in chief by name, it was more than obvious that he was speaking about Donald Trump.

Moving forward

As Donald Trump and John McCain continue their war of words, the president has many other issues on his plate. With the future of health care and tax reform remaining a mystery, Trump is currently dealing with increased tension with rival nations, most notably North Korea. With the pressure mounting, the president is sitting on an approval rating of just 35 percent.