Tennessee GOP Senator Bob Corker says that President Donald Trump, whose religious advisor says "Yes" to the prospect of nuking North Korea, could lead the United States to World War III with his "dangerous" rhetoric. Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea, has been engaged in a war of words with Trump, threatening to launch a nuclear attack against Guam, an American territory. Guam is an especially important territory because of strategic U.S. military bases positioned there that give the United States access to several Asian nations, including Japan.

Since the end of World War II, the United States has been committed to the protection of Japan.

Kim Jong-un and U.S. sanctions

In August, Kim Jong-un threatened to launch "thousand-fold ramifications" against the United States in retaliation for severe economic sanctions imposed on North Korea by the United States. The sanctions were imposed by the Trump Administration in response to a series of missile tests that Jong-un conducted. During one of those tests, missiles were fired "over" Japan. A couple of weeks ago, Jong-un threatened to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean. He also has threatened to launch nuclear missiles in the direction of the Continental United States, as well as Hawaii, America's one, and only island state.

Trump's dangerous rhetoric

Trump's response to Jong-un, both on Twitter and on broadcast media, has been volatile and uninhibited. He has threatened to wage a war of "fire and fury" against North Korea unlike that "ever seen before" anywhere in the world. In addition, Trump has tweeted that Jong-un has left him no alternative other than war.

He has told the media that something "really big" is brewing between the two nations. When asked what it is, Trump stated, "You'll see."

Corker has warned that Trump's rhetoric is extremely dangerous and can take the United States "down the path to World War III," according to The Huffington Post on Sunday. Corker also has stated that Trump's rhetoric has impeded negotiations with North Korea.

Corker asserted that Trump has "tweeted things out" that are injurious to international relations. Furthermore, Corker has asserted that the President "lies" in his tweets and that "everyone knows it."

Responses on Twitter

Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack Corker and state that the Tennessee Senator had approached him and asked for his endorsement in his re-election campaign. Trump claimed that he had answered "No" and that Corker had dropped out of the race:

For the most part, however, reactions on Twitter to Corker's statements have been supportive.

Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out that Corker had anticipated that Trump would attack him on Twitter and decide to "hit back harder":

Jonathan Martin described Corker's assessment of Trump as "the harshest critique yet" from any Republican:

Senator Bob Corker himself tweeted that the White House had become "an adult day care center." The Tennessee Senator then stated that someone had "missed their shift" that morning:

The Tweetwit pointed out Trump's hypocrisy in questioning Corker's "guts to run" for re-election after receiving five deferments during the Vietnam War: