Everyone knows Hillary Clinton has been involved in politics all of her adult life. She worked her way up to almost becoming the highest leader in this country. After such a close call during the 2016 Presidential Election, the former Secretary of State is putting the pieces of her life back together. She has written a book, "What Happened?" where she reflected on what she thinks went wrong when she didn't become the 45th President of the United States. She, who has a lot of knowledge and experience, lost to Republican Donald Trump who won without having any political knowledge or experience at all.

No more candidacy

Clinton, who will be 70 years old on October 26, has expressed her intent to remain politically active on women and children issues, but she has vowed that she is done with being another candidate. Based on what is going on during the Trump administration, it is probably a good decision for her to do something different. She is reportedly in talks about joining the faculty of Columbia University.

Officials are seriously discussing what Clinton's role would be. One thing for sure is that she will not stand in front of a group of students and take on the role of a regular teacher. There are talks that she will be a university professor who would lecture across a group of schools without being responsible for a regular course load like most professors have.

The New York Daily News also added that the grandmother of two will have the options of teaching law or international affairs because she is an expert in both areas.

Why Columbia University?

Clinton has some ties to Columbia University. After speaking at an event there in 2015, university president Lee C. Bollinger jokingly said Columbia will always have a place for the Hillary Rodham Clinton Library.

Therefore, not only are there talks about her teaching there, but there are also talks about the university being the location to house her archives.

Clinton's only daughter, Chelsea, received her master of public health degree from Columbia in 2010. She taught graduate classes there in 2012. If her mother gets a teaching job there, she will be following in the footsteps of her daughter in that respect.

Columbia is not the first university that would love to have Clinton join them. Last March, CNN reported that several educational institutions have contacted her. However, Columbia is the only one so far that might have a position available. No decision has been made yet, but there has been serious talk about Clinton's next career. No doubt there will be more information about this story as it develops.