Within days of GOP Tennessee Senator Robert Corker's allegations that he is "sparking World War III," President Donald Trump is facing accusations that he is "recanting" his oath of office. Nebraska GOP Senator Ben Sasse made the allegation against Trump because of his calls for the revocation of the licenses of major television and radio networks, especially NBC. The President was responding to an NBC report that stipulated that he had requested that Pentagon officials escalate the production of nuclear weapons and Increase America's nuclear stockpile "ten times." 'The Donald' was offended by the report and lashed out against NBC.

Justifying his requests

Trump then justified his request for the revocation of the licenses of NBC News and other networks with his claim that they are producing "Fake News." Apparently, Trump believes that the government, or at least the White House, should have the authority to regulate, manage or even suppress any and all news stories of which it does not approve.

FCC Chair chimes in

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chair Jessica Rosenworcel, responding to Trump's call for the revocation of the licenses of NBC and other news networks that produce what he labels "Fake News," reminded 'the Donald' that a "free press" is "the cornerstone of our Democracy." Rosenworcel then requested that all her "colleagues" at the FCC "be on the same page concerning (the) First Amendment," according to ABC News on Thursday.

The FCC plays a very crucial role in protecting the First Amendment rights to a "free press" that is able to publish and broadcast news stories without repercussions from the government, law enforcement agencies or anybody else.

The President's oath

In a brief but pointed statement, Sasse made direct reference to the wording of the President's oath of office.

In the actual oath of office, the President promises to "to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," according to the New York Times on January 19, 2017. Sasse made a play on words and asked the President if he is "recanting" his oath "to preserve, protect and defend the First Amendment," according to ABC News on Thursday.

Other problems

Trump is facing problems on the home front too. Despite the fact that the President is currently married to Melania Trump, mother of Barron, his former wife Ivana is claiming that she is First Lady. Although she states that she never would want to have to fulfill the actual duties of a First Lady, Ivana claims that she nevertheless is First Lady. It seems that Ivana is basing her claim more on the fact that she was Trump's first wife than on having once been married to a man who later became President.