The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after the bold order of King Salman, has decided to form an authority to scrutinize the sayings of the Prophet – hadith – on the basis of their authentication. The main aim of the forming body would be to eliminate fake lines and extremist text from the books of hadith that are against the teachings of Islam and are being used to justify innocent killings. The body will be established in Medina and team of senior Islamic scholars will oversee from around the world.

Many Islamist groups have used “hadith” to disseminate jihad in the whole world as it is a necessary part of the religion.

The most notorious groups, Al-Qaeda and ISIS, have used this word as a battle cry to join Muslim youths in their groups. Just remember the incidents of France and Dhaka where innocents were killed amid religious slogans on the name of the Islam.

After Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump had raised a slogan of complete ban of Muslims entry in US. After winning the election, he drew a line for some Muslim countries and unexpectedly selected Saudi Arabia for his first visit. He has criticized Saudi Arabia for developing extremist and strict version of Islam when he was not a president. His memorable speech before Muslim leaders from many countries gave a clear message that America is fencing Iran with Saudi Arabia and some other Sunni Muslim countries on the name of terrorism.

The sanctions on Qatar was the first example of the motive. Now Saudi Arabia is clearly accepting that it is Islamic scriptures behind the behind terrorism and the country has decided to scrutinize them.

What is meant by 'fake text'

The government has decided to eliminate fake and extremist texts from hadith, are there fake texts in Mohammed’s sayings?

If “yes”, why nobody cared and eliminated those texts earlier? Actually, it will be a very hard task to differentiate and vet an authentic and fake one because Islam also has many sects like other religions and all follow their own books of hadith and reject others. Shia Muslims have their own hadith, nothing to do with Sunni’s books.

It will be interesting to see how Saudi Arabia manages whole sects of Islam on a single platform.

There are four Imams in Islam imitated by all Muslims around the globe. All fours have their own book of hadith. More than fifty percent Muslims, living in Indian subcontinent, follow Imam Hanifa's book of hadith that is not authentic and unaccepted in Saudi Arabia. The books followed by the Muslims in gulf countries are ignored in Indian subcontinent because they reject Wahabi faith of Islam.

Wahabi legitimacy

The most conservative Wahabi clergy, famous in world media as radical Islamist, have been dominating Saudi Arabia’s strategies since 18th century. They follow strict version of Islamic law and they have total control over mosques, universities and justice system.

This is first Muslim group in the world had announced Al-Qaeda and ISIS as un-Islamic groups. Even they reject other Sunni groups found in Indian subcontinent. Shias are not Muslims in the sight of this group. To take them with other Shia and Sunni groups on a single platform will not be an easy task. After all it’s a good move and may Almighty succeed it.