Many US cities are applying to become the second headquarter of Amazon, they will have to send their proposals by Thursday. The online company plans to create 50,000 jobs in the future headquarter that will be as important as the one in Seattle. Amazon plans to invest $5 billion that will create additional jobs in construction and the surrounding area. More than 100 Cities are applying, among them we have: Miami, Chicago, Camden, Newark, Detroit, Phoenix, Tucson, Salt Lake City, Nashville, and more.

More details

Amazon has been expanding its activities, so, it needs a new headquarter.

The online giant announced his expansion plan on September 7th, but the company has set certain requirements for the applicants, so, the cities must have a certain level of development. I also have to add that not all is positive when a giant company wants to establish in your city: There will be an increase in the price of rent.

Features of the city

According to a report by the BBC, Amazon wants cities with no less than 1 million people, it must be a stable place, business-friendly, close to important roads and an international airport, capacity to attract talent, and more. The headquarters that the online giant has in Seattle house more than forty thousand workers in 33 buildings. Between 2010 and 2016, Amazon has invested $38 billion in the economy of Seattle.

This has been good for the economic life of the city because many companies moved there. Amazon will create jobs and wealth in its future city, but it also wants tax breaks and incentives in return.

New Jersey and other cities

Most of the applicants make no comments about their proposals, but New Jersey is offering almost $7 billion in tax benefits to gain the favor of the online giant according to a report by the St.

Louis Post-Dispatch. New Jersey wants to support Newark's bid. Sly James, the Mayor of Kansas City, bought one thousand products on the website of the company to promote the attributes of his city. Tucson, Arizona, sent the online company a Saguaro cactus but it was rejected. Stonecrest, an Atlanta suburb, offered 345 acres to be used as the new city of Amazon.

A negative effect?

Investment is great for the development of a city and society in general, but is there a potential disadvantage? According to a report by Fortune, the new workers will need a lot of apartments to live, increasing considerably the price of rent. Amazon will create 50,000 new jobs, and an additional 62,000 jobs once that all is ready. The online giant will add pressure to the real-estate market in its future second headquarter, but it will have great advantages too.