Just recently, North Korea warned the Australian Minister, Julie Bishop, for Foreign Affairs not to join the United States Government in its political and military provocations against Kim Jong-un’s regime, ABC News reported.

The Rogue Nation also warned Bishops that her country would face disastrous consequences if Australia continued to cooperate with the United States government in pressuring Kim’s regime over its nuclear weapons programs.

On the contrary, Bishop said the threats from the communist regime only strengthened the resolve of the Australian government, Newshub reported.

She called the North’s behavior illegal, provocative and threatening. In addition, she believed that her country was not the primary target of North Korea, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. She added that the threats from Kim’s regime were nothing new because the rogue nation made several threats to Australia before.

No one to blame but Kim Jong-un and his regime

According to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kim Jong-un and his rogue nation should be blamed for the crisis over the Korean peninsula, ABC News reported. Ms. Bishop explained that the communist regime blatantly defied the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council by pressing on with its nuclear and missile tests.

Moreover, Bishop asserted that her country would continue to cooperate with its allies in imposing maximum pressures against North Korea. The allies sought to compel the rogue country back to the negotiating table over its nuclear weapons programs.

Kim Jong-un’s warnings to the Australian government

KCNA, the North’s state-run news agency, slammed the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs who recently visited the North-South Korean border or the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

According to the news agency, Bishop expressed her country’s support for the US stance in using all options, including military force, against North Korea, ABC News reported. KCNA added that Ms. Bishop and the Australian Defense Minister, Marise Payne, openly condemned North Korea in one of her visits to South Korea.

In addition, the communist regime accused the Australian government of letting the American government use their country as a front-line base for the US invasion of North Korea.

KCNA called Australia’s move a "suicidal act of bringing back the misery Australia had gone through during the past Korean War." Moreover, Australia’s prime minister previously vowed to join America if a military conflict would arise between North Korea and the United States.

On the other hand, Bishop constantly emphasized that their government preferred a peaceful solution to the North Korean crisis.