After the North Korean hackers successfully stole a highly classified cache of military files from South Korea, Kim Jong-un’s regime made another crucial move, the BBC reported. The US-South Korean military documents included an assassination plan on the North’s leader.

But Kim Jong-un appeared undaunted by any threats on his life. Now the communist regime has rigorously trained its Special Forces for an invasion of the South, Yonhap News Agency reported.

Kim Jong-un’s paragliders

Yonhap News Agency reports that the military drills by North Korea were initiated in September.

The drills’ training site was a replica of the US-South Korea Combined Forces Command in Seoul. The participants were the Special Forces from the 11th army corps, air force, sniper brigade, and navy of North Korea, Newsweek reported.

According to a defense official of the South Korean government, North Korea adopted ‘amazing’ military strategies of infiltration using limited resources, Business Insider reported. The regime’s paragliders could actually fly below radar. They could be easily transported and folded down, an utterly advantageous scheme in making surprise attacks.

A display of military prowess: The United States and South Korea’s response

As a response, the combined forces of the South Korean government and the United States conducted their own short-range air-defense drills in September.

The SHORAD aimed to stop unmanned aerial systems and low altitude cruise missiles as well as thwart air-breathing threats, Business Insider reported.

The US-South Korea drills were deliberately aimed at boosting the defense of a critical location in Seoul. They were also aimed at de-conflicting engagements of North Korean aircraft based on sector of fire, Newsweek reported.

In addition, they simulated utilizing secondary strategies of targeting North Korean jets when US-South Korea’s main weapon systems would become combat ineffective. According to the US Army, the joint military drills included scout helicopters as well as a perimeter attack by the Special Forces of the Republic of Korea (ROK), Business Insider reported.

Moreover, the Gin Gliders of South Korea, which are among the world's biggest paragliders producers, apparently used to operate in the Kaesong Industrial Complex. That complex was actually a two-way economic area between South Korea and Kim Jong-un’s regime. But in 2016, Seoul closed the Kaesong Industrial Complex as a response to the successive missile tests by the rogue nation.

In addition, the United States Army said the SHORAD drills would still continue in the coming months.