It's no secret that although his presidency started less than a year ago, millions of Americans want Donald trump out of the White House. Larry Flynt, a publisher whose content is mainly pornographic, is one of those people. With the money and public voice he has gained from owning his publication, Flynt wants to get Trump impeached.

Advertising for impeachment

In Sunday's edition of The Washington Post, Flynt paid for a full-page ad that he hopes will take the President out of office. The headline announces that Flynt and Hustler, his pornographic magazine, are offering up to $10 Million in cash for evidence that will lead to Trump's impeachment.

In the advertisement, Flynt aimed to provide a factual piece on why exactly the President deserves to be kicked out of office. He first blames the country's electoral college system for electing him in the first place. Flynt says the entire idea of the organization violates the United States' principle of "one man, one vote."

According to The Washington Post, a spokeswoman declined to say how much the full-page ad costs. She did explain that unless the content is illegal, there is no limitation on what someone can publish.

Fair reasoning

Flynt listed many reasons as to why Trump should be impeached, including his alleged deal with the Russians, withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, and the "obstruction of justice" in firing FBI director James Comey.

The publisher listed a nuclear war as the biggest worry for America. He said in the ad that Trump's foreign policy decisions are decided emotionally and defined to other countries by his tweets.

Flynt admits that the process of impeachment would be a "messy, contentious affair" but would be worth it in the long run. He warns readers that the only other option, three more years of Trump's presidency, would be much worse.

The ad goes on to inform readers that this is not Flynt's first attempt at removing a public official from office. He has offered cash rewards in the past for information which led to the resignation of Bob Livingston as well as the exposure of a Senator's prostitution scandal.

Flynt ended the ad saying that $10 million is obviously valuable to him, but getting "the most powerful moron in history" impeached is much more valuable.

According to The Washington Post, the hotline listed on the ad will be staffed from 8:30 am to 6 pm PT throughout the next two weeks. Though it will not be open on weekends, Flynt said in a phone interview that he anticipates legitimate information in under a week.