On Sunday, Kim Jong-un announced via Uriminzokkiri (KCNA's website) that North Korea will definitely turn into a “state nuclear force," Aljazeera reported. The North’s dictator also called the UN sanctions over its nuclear programs ‘futile’. Kim perfectly knew that these sanctions were created through the efforts of the United States. This announcement followed the visit of the US Secretary of State in China.

Peaceful pressure

On Saturday, Rex Tillerson met with President Xi Jinping and the top diplomats of China for a discussion on the North Korean crisis.

The US Secretary of State called on the communist regime to immediately stop firing its ballistic missiles in order to pacify the situation, Politico reported.

Known for being a proponent of a campaign of "peaceful pressure," Tillerson closely worked with China in order to tighten the screw of Kim Jong-un’s regime, Time reported. Unfortunately, however, Tillerson’s efforts were drastically overshadowed by Trump and Kim’s fiery war of words.

Game on

The state-run news agency (KCNA) announced that both the United States Government and its “puppet forces” in South Korea were completely wrong if they believed that the fresh round of sanctions, including those of China, would deter the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) from achieving its ambition to become a “state nuclear force."

Moreover, the White House had already contacted North Korea for a possible dialogue, but the latter gave no response yet.

On Saturday, Rex Tillerson confirmed that the State Department had direct channels to Pyongyang, but Kim’s regime apparently showed no interest in talks about the North’s denuclearization.

Furthermore, the US government did not rule out the use of military force to coerce North Korea to absolutely stop its missile and H-bomb tests.

Nevertheless, behind closed doors, top officials admitted that military options may not look promising. The US government put much consideration on its densely populated South Korean ally, which is evidently within the range of North Korea's heavy artillery. An attack to Pyongyang would mean an attack on Seoul.

With the world being dragged to the verge of war, fears of making a wrong move by the two countries continued to grow.

A miscalculation, either by the United States government or Kim Jong-un’s communist regime, could definitely trigger a renewed conflict and unprecedented military confrontation over the Korean peninsula.