Police in Richardson, TX, stated on Monday night that missing toddler Sherin Mathewsparents have stopped cooperating with law enforcement, according to CBS (Dallas-Fort Worth). Wesley and Sini Mathews have hired an attorney, however.

Additionally, an Amber alert that was issued on Saturday afternoon was discontinued. Without a suspect description or vehicle, the alert system was discontinued, according to law enforcement in Texas. The alert can be activated in the future if needed. Another reason for deciding to cancel the alert at this time is the fact that police have lacked receiving tips, according to the Dallas Morning News (DMN).

Little girl is still not found

The little girl has not been located. Sherin is three-years-old. Her father, Wesley, claims that she disappeared around 3:15 AM on Saturday. He allegedly forced her to stay outside near a tree roughly 100 feet behind the family’s home in an upscale neighborhood in Richardson.

Mathews, who is 37, told police that he took his little girl outside at 3 AM and told her to stay by the tree because she wouldn’t drink her milk. He left the toddler alone while he returned to the family’s home, despite having told police that he also knew that there were coyotes in the area.

The backyard of the Mathews’ home is adjacent an alley and railroad tracks. In spite of the darkness, her father said he was disciplining his child over the milk she refused to drink.

After leaving her alone for an estimated 15 minutes, Mathews reportedly told Richardson police that he went back outside to the area by the tree at 3:15 AM. By then, he contends that his daughter was gone, several news organizations have reported.

Search for missing child provides no leads

Police, along with search dogs, members of the family’s church and community members, have searched for the toddler since Saturday.

Police even went house-to-house, knocking on doors and asking questions with the hope of finding the child. Additionally, Richardson police have used reverse 911 and helicopters in trying to find the toddler.

Sergeant Kevin Perlich, the Richardson police public information officer, stated that area police departments are working in tandem with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Search One rescue team, the FBI, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and U.S.

Marshals Service, according to the DMN. Authorities have no leads on the toddler’s whereabouts.

Police investigators collected items for processing

On Saturday, investigators towed the family’s three vehicles. They also collected security footage from around the area and electronics to process for potential evidence, DMN reported.

Mathews was arrested and charged with abandoning or endangering a child. He was released from police custody Sunday after he posted bond, amounting to $250,000. Sherin’s father waited five hours to report his child missing, CBS noted.

Sherin’s mother, Sini, was at the Mathews’ home when her husband made the little girl go outside and stay outside by herself. However, she reportedly was not privy to what her husband was doing, according to Perlich and DMN.

Toddler’s description includes ‘limited verbal skills’

Sherin Mathews stands three-feet tall, weighs an estimated 22 pounds, and has black hair and brown eyes. She is described by police as having “limited verbal skills” and “developmental issues,” according to police and several news reports. She was last seen wearing black pajama bottoms, pink flip-flops, and a pink top.

Perlich explained that the little girl doesn’t have language skills comparable to other 3-year-old children, DMN reported. Roughly two years ago, she was reportedly adopted from India and was malnourished. Anyone with information that can help locate the toddler is asked to call police at (972)744-4800. The search for Sherin will resume today, WFAA-TV noted.