Katie Evans, 37, had just visited Hannah and Sarah, her eight-week-old premature twins on Friday night and was heading home to Santa Clarita, Calif., when the incident happened. A driver, suspected to have been under the influence of alcohol, reportedly crossed the median, crashing head-on into Evans’ car and killing her. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A YouCaring page has now been set up in an effort to help her husband care for the prematurely-born twins and their four other children.

Husband was concerned when the mother didn’t return home

People quotes Evans’ sister-in-law as telling them her body was thrown from the vehicle in the Dui crash and was “pretty mangled.” Caralee Evans went on to say Evans’ husband, Jacob, had called them that night saying he was worried that Katie hadn’t made it home. He had reportedly expected her to return home soon after midnight, but there was no sign of her. Caralee added that it wasn’t unusual for her to return home late from the hospital, but when she didn’t return by midnight he was worried and an hour later started calling around in an effort to get hold of her.

Police believe alcohol was involved in the crash

A spokesperson from the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s said the driver that hit Evans was 21 years of age and they believe alcohol played a role in the accident.

At that time, police said once it is established whether the female driver was under the influence, she will be taken into custody. Evans was reportedly only a mile from her home when it happened.

Besides the eight-week-old twin girls, Evans and her husband had four other children, boys aged 12, 11, eight and two.

She was said to be a devoted mother and was thrilled when the twins, who both weighed only around 2 lbs. at birth, were thriving after having been born at 25 weeks into the pregnancy. According to Caralee, the babies were not expected to survive and were considered to be “miracle babies.” Evans had been visiting the babies every day, right up until the fatal accident.

YouCaring page raising donations for the family

The YouCaring page has raised slightly over $200,000 of the $500,000 goal at the time of writing, donated by more than 4,000 donors. The description on the page went on to say Evans’ husband, Jacob, will now have to care for six children all on his own, adding there will be many childcare costs and unforeseen expenses to handle. It invited donors to help make Jacob’s life a little easier.

According to the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, the unidentified driver of the vehicle involved in the crash has since been booked for misdemeanor DUI and has been released. According to Sheriff’s Sgt. Dan Dantice, officers found “alcohol containers” in the vehicle.