Megyn Kelly bravely said she “does not love the Internet” during the October 10 Facebook Live event of her daytime show “Megyn Kelly Today” on NBC. She was asked about her thoughts on the impact of social media.

A studio audience member asked, “In this crazy world that we live in, how do you think we can use social media to impact and positively address the issues on people’s minds?”

Kelly answered that the Internet “is so mean and... kind of misogynistic.” She added that it is where people can share “the nastiest things” about others, but also said that “it is a force for good in some ways.”

She mentioned certain events that made use of the power of social media to spread their message, such as the Arab Spring.

In the United States, the journalist said that that social media can be used to share insights when people are not yet “quite ready to come out there in front of cameras.”

Kelly has been widely known as a news anchor and commentator in her former network Fox News. However, she recently moved to NBC and is now the host of “Megyn Kelly Today,” a daytime program that features in-depth stories without focusing on politics.

She further added that she “not a huge supporter of social media.” The host also said she is “thankful” that her children are not yet exposed to this technology.

Her loving husband

During the Facebook live event held right after her show, she answered questions about her husband Douglas Brunt, about whether she misses her live reporting, and about her feelings about the media industry she is currently working in.

Megyn Kelly revealed some anecdotes about Brunt, who is also an entrepreneur and novelist. She also recalled how they both started blind dating before finally getting married.

In her show’s recent episodes, Kelly invited NBC correspondent Katy Tur who commented on Melania Trump’s reaction to Ivana Trump, the incumbent president’s first wife who labeled herself the "first lady.” She also invited marriage experts to discuss fidelity issues encountered in relationships.


Meanwhile, “Megyn Kelly Today” has been getting lower ratings compared to last year’s program in the same time slot, Page Six reported. The ratings are down by 32 percent compared to the same time slot a year ago, and the following program “Kathie Lee & Hoda” has been affected.

“Kathie Lee & Hoda” is also down by 26 percent according to Page Six. Megyn’s show is part of “Today” franchise and is aired a few hours after the network’s flagship morning program.